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The Taylor review will be released today detailing recommendations regarding the so-called “Gig economy”

07/11/2017 - 08:45

The review was commissioned last year by Theresa May to investigate modern employment practices after reports of some workers earning as little as £2.50 an hour through self-employment, which affords none of the protections than a normal employee receives.

In order to reduce costs in competitive marketplaces many companies have taken on workers but classed them as “self-employed” meaning they save money on national insurance and the worker is put at a disadvantage by missing out on a number of standard employment rights.

The current system of taking an “employer” to a tribunal to prove that they are in fact an employer and should be treating their employees with a more significant duty of care is both costly and time consuming. It is unlikely many workers will want to bite the hand that feeds it so they are trapped in a situation that means longer hours for less pay.

Prior to the report’s release in full Mister Taylor stated that “If you are being controlled and supervised you are probably a worker and you should get workers' rights and also the employer that employs you should be paying national insurance”

Well here at Umbrella.co.uk we applaud the move to reduce the amount of bogus self-employment and have been offering standard employment rights such as those Mr Taylor mentions above to all of our contractor employees since we started in 2008.

A reputable umbrella company can often be the best solution for all parties when working on a temporary basis,

  • The engaging company does not have to worry about employment rights,
  • The worker does not have to mess around with tax returns
  • Guaranteed National Minimum Wage for all employees
  • The worker receives holiday pay, sick pay, workplace pension benefits and at least national minimum wage from the Umbrella
  • All tax and national insurance is deducted at source and remitted to HMRC monthly meaning the tax take is both increased and accelerated.
  • Full implementation of the Agency Workers Regulations protecting employees even further

If you are thinking about taking on contract work or are confused about the benefits an Umbrella company can offer – call our Best Advice team now on 01625 546 610, visit www.umbrella.co.uk or email team@umbrella.co.uk