Halloween reminder to claim money back on uniform costs

Halloween reminder to claim money back on uniform costs

28 October 2016

If you are a nurse, a prison officer, a farmer or you work in any profession that requires you to wear a recognisable uniform then it might be tempting to splatter some fake blood over your uniform and use that as a Halloween costume this weekend.

Lots of people hate dressing up for Halloween, and if you are one of them then you will know how appealing it can be to go for the lowest-cost, lowest-effort option available. But did you know that if you do have to wear a uniform to work then you can get a tax refund for cleaning and maintaining it.

If you are required to wear any kind of uniform or protective clothing to work and you have to wash and care for it yourself, then the chances are that you are due a tax refund stretching back the last four years.

The uniform can be as simple as a branded T-shirt, polo or jumper or as extravagant as a pilot uniform or policeman’s uniform.

You have a good chance at a claim if all of the following are true:

  • You wear a uniform that identifies you as working for a particular employer.
  • The employer requires you to wear it while you’re working.
  • You have to purchase, clean, repair and replace it yourself (you can’t claim if the employer washes your uniform for you, provides the facilities to wash it or pays you to wash it).
  • You paid income tax in the years that you are claiming for.

The amount that you can claim will vary depending on your industry and the type of uniform that you have to wear. There is a standard flat rate expense allowance (FREA) for uniform maintenance in this tax year is £60. If you qualify then you will be able to claim a portion of this back from HMRC. And you can claim this money back for four years.

Higher rate tax-payers should get back close to £100 for a four year claim, but workers in certain industries, who are required to wear some specialist clothing could get back even more than this.

Umbrella.co.uk run a no-win-no-fee claims service helping you win a refund from HMRC with very little effort. Contact us today and we will quickly be able to tell you whether you have a claim and how much you should be entitled to.

For more information visit our uniform tax reclaim site www.mytaxreclaim.com