Latest Audi technology helps contractors stay in touch on the move

Latest Audi technology helps contractors stay in touch on the move

6 September 2016

In today’s world of relentless communication and notifications, many people have become inseparably reliant on their mobile phones. This is especially true for businesspeople, particularly contractors, who are in charge of their own businesses and need to remain a phone call away from clients, subcontractors and others.

In-car technology is continuously improving and Audi, whose cars remain ever popular when it comes to business car leasing, has just announced an upgrade to the firm’s Phone Box technology that will make staying in touch even easier for contractors with iPhone 6 and 6s smartphones.

Audi Phone Box is effectively the German luxury carmaker’s own system that works similarly to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, mirroring many of a compatible smartphone’s apps and functionality on the car’s infotainment touchscreen – in this case, Audi’s MMI system. Contractors who have two mobile phones are often impressed with Audi Phone Box as it allows the simultaneous pairing of two smartphones over Bluetooth.

Another key feature is the way in which a phone’s signal is boosted by its aerial being combined with the vehicle’s own antenna, the resulting improved coverage meaning that contractors on the move will be less frequently frustrated by receiving voicemails from contacts who were unable to reach them.

The latest Phone Box functionality announced by Audi relates to wireless charging, which is also being developed by other car and van manufacturers. Anyone who uses an iPhone 6 or 6s and drives an Audi fitted with the optional Phone Box package can now purchase a special iPhone wireless charging case for £35 from any Audi Centre, which will enable their handset’s battery to be topped up simply by placing the phone in the centre console.

Removing the need to remember to pack a USB or 12V charger, the Audi-branded, Qi-enabled iPhone cover carries a slimline design that allows the phone’s popular functions to be used while it’s wirelessly charging, from the camera and headphone port to its speakers and sensors.

Compatible with Audi’s A3, A4, A6, A7, new Q2, Q7, TT and R8 supercar models, the company’s Phone Box technology also works with other Qi-enabled smartphones including many variants from the Samsung Galaxy and Nokia Lumia range, which don’t actually require the special case in order to function.

It is certainly an exciting time for the automotive industry, with technology being developed continuously to boost drivers’ productivity, ‘connected cars’ eventually making way for fully autonomous vehicles.

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