Umbrella Day 10th February

11 February 2016

Not only is it hard to believe there is a National Umbrella Day it is with great shame that we have to admit that despite being called Umbrella we were completely unaware of it until it was almost over.

In researching Umbrella Day we also discovered that Umbrella was the large Corporation in the movie “Resident Evil”. Purely coincidental!

What is Umbrella Day?

On Umbrella Day we are supposed to recognise the great invention that is the UMBRELLA.

An umbrella is designed to protect you from the elements. Mainly rain but also the sun, wind and snow. The Victorians regularly used umbrellas but it was Samuel Fox, in 1852, who invented the steel ribbed umbrella that we all use today although steel ribbed umbrellas had been around earlier in the 18th Century.

On National Umbrella day we are all supposed to take an umbrella wherever we go.

One of the things about an umbrella is you don’t always know when you need one and they’re easily lost. Promotional Brollies

The good news is at we have just redesigned our promotional brolly into a small, lightweight, great looking, trigger action brolly.

We are also keen to give a few away.

Win an Umbrella

Over the next few weeks we will be launching a series of competitions designed primarily for contractors, clients and recruitment agencies where you can be the lucky recipient of one of the above.

If you would like to take part please email your contact at Umbrella or

Competitions will be along the theme of “best Caption” as well as various social media promotions where a like or a share will be sufficient.

At Umbrella we are especially proud of our name as it symbolises that we have all things covered for contractors & freelancers so if you are new to contracting please join us under our umbrella.

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