Get a life in 2016

12/21/2015 - 10:49

New Year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult to maintain past the second week of January. How many times have you told yourself that you’ll go to the gym more this year, drink less alcohol or make and save more money?

Sound like you? Perhaps you are just making the wrong resolutions. Make a commitment to go self-employed in 2016 and watch your other ambitions come true as you reclaim control over your life.

As a self-employed worker, you’ll have better opportunities to fit your lifestyle around work and break free from the corporate strait-jacket. 

Sticking to a strict diet plan, for example, can be difficult when your lunch break is carefully controlled by the corporate ladder. And how can you expect to spend more time with the family when you arrive home just as the children are heading for bed?

Becoming a self-employed sole trader or freelancer means that you are your own boss and can choose to handle your work however you see fit.

Whether you prefer to wake up early in the morning and finish by lunch time, or take a long break in the middle of the day to soak up some afternoon air – it’s not a problem when you’re self-employed.

The other great advantage of self-employment is that you have the opportunity to earn more money than if you were full-time employed. Freelancers can usually negotiate better pay rates than employees with similar skills in ‘full’ employment.

Self-employed people also have the opportunity to boost their take home pay by offsetting certain business expenses against their income. Boosting your tax efficiency is a great way of banking some extra cash each month to help pay for that fancy new gym membership.

Signing up as a contractor with, or as a company owner with Umbrella Accountants, is the easy way to win back power over your life.

Umbrella Accountants make tax efficiency easy. Using our cloud based accounting services makes claiming expenses and serving invoices a breeze. This means that you are free to concentrate on the bits of the business that really matter.

Our customer service call centres can also offer self-employed workers all of the help and support they need to maximise their earnings.

If you want to make self-employment your number one resolution for 2016 then call Umbrella Accountants today and a member of our customer services team will advise you on what’s best for your situation.