Umbrella | Cloud Accounting

Umbrella | Cloud Accounting

22 October 2015

Umbrella, the Cloud Accountants, are pleased to announce that we now have 18 accredited accountants for both FreeAgent and Xero Cloud Accounting Software products.

By giving a choice Umbrella are able to find a solution that satisfies most contractors & freelancers operating through their own limited company in the UK.

 In fact Umbrella Accountants LLP are one of the few accountants to offer more than one Cloud Accounting Service.

We are also able to help if you are already with a different provider i.e. Sage One, Quickbooks, ClearBooks etc.

Umbrella contractor accountants currently have in excess of 1,000 limited companies using one of their accounting services.

Both Freeagent and Xero are excellent innovative products.

Cloud Accounting is transforming the way people work with their accountants.

It helps keep accountancy and bookkeeping costs down and enables you to get things actioned not in your free time.

Real time information helps you manage your company better. Knowing all key deadlines and that you have sufficient money set aside to meet your tax bill helps dramatically reduce the stress of running your own business.

Cloud Accounting means:

You access your software provider via the internet. This means you don’t need any software on your PC or laptop and that you can access using any device, from anywhere.

The beauty of this is you can work on the move, check your cash position, who needs paying, issue an invoice or take a payment.

If you get an expenses receipt, take a photo of it there an then, upload it and then throw it away. Add ons are even available to read the receipt and post it for you.

Your bank transactions are automatically loaded daily. Where possible the software will try and allocate any known transactions and will flag any that need looking at. Integrates with all Major UK banks. Helps you flag any unusual transactions immediately.

Easy to follow dashboard containing all key info – in Real Time.

Numerous users can access at the same time.

Data backed-up and secure.

Umbrella would be happy to demo either Cloud Accounting product.

Please call on 0808 281 0303 or email