LibDems publish Election Manifesto

04/17/2015 - 10:09

The LibDems have launched their election manifesto which highlights their proposed tax changes and spending plans should they gain power in the General Election.

Extracts affecting Contractors
LibDems aim to increase the personal allowance to at least £12,500 by the end of the next Parliament.
They highlight reforms to Capital Gains Tax and Dividend Tax relief and refocusing Entrepreneurs' to close loopholes and distortions that currently exist.
They say they will work to build a high-skill, flexible labour market. 
Flexibility at work and fair pay: Britain's employment laws are among the best in the world, balancing the needs of business for flexibility with the rights of staff to fair treatment. Nonetheless there are still too many examples of low pay, exploitation, and bad practice, which contribute to unacceptable levels of inequality in our society. This has to change: the more people earn a decent wage, the fewer will be dependent on benefits or stuck in poverty. 
The LibDems proposals include a focus on the Living Wage with Public Sector workers being paid at atleast this rate (which is higher than the National Minimum Wage). They will also look at ways of increasing the National minimum Wage.
They also cover zero hour contracts:
Liberal Democrats understand that flexible employment contracts - including Zero Hours contracts - can work well for employees and businesses. But that is not always the case and we will continue to stamp out abuse. We will create a formal right to request a fixed contract and consult on introducing a right to make regular patterns of work contractual after a period of time.
Prospects for Contractors working in the Green Energy Sectors and Transport infrastructure:
Green jobs and industry New world markets are developing in low-carbon and resource efficient technologies. Britain's real strengths in sectors like offshore wind power and low-carbon vehicles, and in green finance, make us well placed to compete. We must make sure green industries can reach their full potential and build on successes in increasing recycling to shift towards a so-called 'circular economy' in which we use natural resources efficiently and minimise waste.
Making the connection: transport infrastructure Liberal Democrats are leading the renewal of Britain's ageing infrastructure but we still have decades of under-investment to catch up on. We need better transport infrastructure, a modern railway system, and less congestion on our roads.
Also those working in the NHS:
Investing in our NHS Protecting the NHS and improving health The NHS is our most treasured public service. Liberal Democrats are committed to the founding principles of the NHS as a taxpayer funded system, free at the point of use. To ensure this principle is maintained even as demand for health care grows, we will give the NHS the investment it needs. We are the only party with a credible plan to deliver the extra £8 billion NHS leaders know our health service in England needs by 2020, with the appropriate boost to funding for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland too.
The full LibDem Manifesto is available at: