Contracting In IT: How Is 2015 Shaping Up For IT Freelancers?

04/28/2015 - 14:02

The UK’s technology sector is often seen as a centerpiece to economic policy in this country. Over the last few weeks the General Election battleground has shifted and one topic has been replaced by another. However, UK Tech has remained a fairly constant refrain amongst the election hopefuls. Whether it is in singing the praise of the shining lights of London’s Tech City, or talking-up the potential for innovation hubs linking up around the UK’s north-western region, the UK’s IT industry is clearly a factor in any debate about our wider economy.

But how are things looking for the IT contracting community, as we creep ever closer to the midway point of 2015? Umbrella’s Therese Reinholdsson-Sjostrand joined us to give her views on the current state of play: “At the start of the year we learnt that roughly a third of UK businesses plan to increase hires across IT positions – that is something that has not changed: that impetus is still there.”

“Over 60% want staff to carry out IT infrastructure work, or execute new projects. And as new tech emerges and adoption techniques and transition projects roll in, more than 50% of respondents pointed out the need to get in staff who can manage business moves to Cloud-hosting.”

“Meanwhile, rates are increasing. IT skills are in short supply. Over 90% of IT recruiters in UK businesses admit to struggling to find the right people. That means when the right contractor is found, pay rates soar and contracts are longer or more secure in structure than perhaps they have been previously.”

“Web developers can expect to earn – on average – over £350 per day, with Project Managers on more than £450 per day, and the ever pressing need for cyber security hotshots and Big Data specialists pushes their day rates towards £500 per day.”

“So far, then, 2015 has been a good year for the savvy IT contractor. Opportunities abound, a skills shortage exists that benefits contractors able to fill high-priority positions with higher rates of pay. And with growth continuing on an upward spiral, many expect 2015 to continue to be a year of good news for IT freelancers.”