Umbrella Companies Meet MPs

Umbrella Companies to meet MP’s to discuss Tax Relief on Expenses

10 March 2015

Today, 10th March 2015, representatives of the Umbrella Company industry and of Employment Intermediaries will be meeting a number of MP’s at the House of Commons to discuss the HMRC review of Tax Relief on Expenses.

Confirmed to be attending are the following Members of Parliament: Mark Prisk MP, Graham Brady MP, Mark Tami MP, Conor Burns MP, Graham Evans MP, Stuart Andrew MP, Jim Dowd MP and Christopher Chope MP.

Representing will be our CEO, Nicholas Holmes.

Our local MP, the Rt Hon George Osborne, was unable to attend due to prior commitments.

The aim of the event is to highlight to decision makers the value umbrella companies and in particular the contractors working through them bring to the UK economy and to highlight the risks of rushing any legislative change.

We have already highlighted in our group submission to HMRC that contractors should be entitled to tax relief on expenses as they are travelling huge distances on temporary assignments and such reliefs would be available to permanent members of staff also working at temporary assignments.

It would unfairly prejudice contractors & freelancers if they are restricted from claiming relief travelling to temporary assignments.

Without this tax relief contractors would not be able to afford the cost of travel and overnight stays and would therefore only be able to accept local assignments or they’d require companies to meet their additional cost, which may not be feasible.

The UK economy could then suffer as a result of companies deciding to place projects abroad and a loss of expertise with contractors also deciding to work overseas.

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