Black Friday

Black Friday Madness

28 November 2014

The world seems to have gone mad with what seems to the UK to be a relatively new phenomenon, Black Friday.

We’re sure most hardworking people, of whom contractors most definitely are, are busy working and unable to participate in the rush in the shops.

It seems that people quite rightly love a bargain but always remember a sale mainly profits the stores offering them so they can offload goods that are overstocked and sell items people wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

The key is to only buy something you were going to buy anyway.

If you are in the market for items then why not buy at a discount.

There are actually some good bargains available online if you have spare time to search in your coffee break or lunch hour.

Such is the internet traffic websites like Currys are operating a queueing system just to get on to their site so allow time at least an additional 15 minutes for this!

The good news is some offers are available all week so don’t feel rushed into making a decision.

For example if you are a contractor in the market for a new laptop or computer then discounts are available at all the major suppliers. Some of the newspapers do outline the cheapest price for key items so a google search for the item you want with Black Friday added to the search term can highlight the best price available. i.e. search for laptops black Friday and the results will bring up websites summarising the best deals. Be as specific as you can and ideally replace laptop with the make and the model of the laptop you were after.

Our advice to Contractors working through an Umbrella Company is to write down the items that you may need or are due to buy soon and see if bargains are available. Just ensure you don’t get tempted by other offers. It’s easily done!

Have a Happy Black Friday,