Umbrella Company Interview Tips

17 November 2012

From our experience we have compiled some tips for umbrella company workers who are looking for a new contract.

1. Firstly find a recruitment agency that specialises in your sector. If you are unsure who to use then we can help from our extensive directory of umbrella company agencies.

2. Get a professionally written CV. A well written CV will start with a summary of all your key attributes and skills written in the 3rd person i.e. Mark Smith is ..... If you don;t grab them straight away the chances are they won;t read the rest of your CV.

3. When you get an interview perform as much research as you can on the company via their website, news articles and google. Facebook, twitter and Linkedin are also useful tools.

If you know anyone who works there. Speak to them. Often the agency can provide valuable information too.

4. Dress appropriately for your interview and don't be late.

5. The Interview Itself:

The MOST important tip we have heard is if the interviewer is happy talking then let them talk i.e. never interrupt them. How many times have you been out with someone and all they do is talk? What you find is they then go away thinking what a great conversation they had and what a great person you were even though you said little!

In connection with this when you answer a question don't feel the need to waffle on. This can sound like you're blagging! i.e. If someone says "Can you do this" often a reply along the lines "Yes, that's not a problem" will suffice. You don't have to go on justifying it i.e. no need to reply "Yes I've done this and that and I studied this" etc.

One of the most important parts of the interview is when they ask if you have any questions. These can be invaluable.

If you ask questions like "Would I get on with the other people in the office" They will reply along the lines of "Yes you would. We do this and that etc". All the time they are picturing you getting along with the people in the office without you having to say what a personable person you are!

Similarly if you ask "How will the role develop". they may reply along the lines of various promotions and where you could be in a number of years time. When they are doing this they are picturing you being successful and have an image of you being good at the job, promoted etc.

These pictures in their mind of you doing well will mean that without saying anything they are seeing you doing the role, getting on with everyone and probably running the show in a few years time!