Natwest system failure still affecting Umbrella Company Contractors

22 June 2012

Natwest systems (bankline) are still down this morning meaning umbrella companies with a Natwest bank account are unable to access their bank statements to action what funds have been received from recruitment agencies to pay to their umbrella company employees.

One umbrella company even featured on the BBC 10 'o' clock news to express their concerns.

The good news is at PayMatters we are still able to make payments based on remittance advices from recruitment agencies.

If you are a contractor working as an employee through PayMatters please don't hesitate in contacting us to ensure we have received a remittance for a payment you may be expecting.

We will also be sending out regular updates throughout the day.

At PayMatters Contractor Umbrella Company our number 1 goal is to pay people on time, everytime.

Our Freephone number is 0800 121 6513.