An Agency Workers Guide for Contractors

3 October 2011

What is AWR?

The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) have been introduced to protect all temporary agency workers and to ensure you receive the same pay and working conditions as your permanent colleagues at the end client where you are working.

If you are working via an Umbrella company or via a Recruitment Agency's PAYE scheme you will come under the protection offered by AWR.

PayMatters also work to help ensure you are receiving what you are entitled.

There are two sets of rights that workers will benefit from following the introduction of AWR:

Week 1 Rights are available to workers from day one – Workers will have access to the same facilities as their permanent colleagues and the opportunity to apply for internal job opportunities as and when they become available. It is important that the end client is reminded of their responsibility regarding these rights.

Week 12 Rights are available to workers following 12 weeks of continuous employment in the same role and with the same end client – Workers are entitled to the same rates of pay, holiday entitlement and holiday pay as their permanent colleagues. Pregnant workers are also entitled to paid time off for ante-natal care after this period.

What solution are PayMatters providing for their contractors?

By working through PayMatters Umbrella Company we help to esnure you receive all you are entitled to.

We require confirmation from your agency that you are receiving at least comparable pay to your permanent colleagues. We also regularly remind the agency of the end client's responsibility in providing equal facilities/working conditions.

We also work closely with your agency to ensure they are regularly reminded of their and their end client's responsibilities.

If you have a query about AWR give us a call and one of our advisors will be available to help.

We can also provide you with a comparable pay calculation, contact us today we will provide you with all the information you require.

For more information on AWR Agency Workers Regulations please call PayMatters on 0800 121 6513.