PayMatters AWR Update

18 July 2011

In respect of AWR we believe we were the first umbrella company to recognise there is no one solution available to meet the needs of all recruitment agencies, end clients or contractors. At PayMatters we are therefore offering all available solutions and are happy to work with referrers to build bespoke solutions if requested.

Standard solutions include:

1. The Standard Umbrella Solution (Fully Compliant Model).

This is the normal umbrella company solution but for all new contracts that go beyond 24th December 2011 (the 12 week qualifying period from the introduction of AWR on 1st October) we will require an Equal Treatment Questionnaire to be completed (please see attached). This will enable us to identify any contractors where a potential issue exists and to resolve this issue prior to their assignment being finalised.


2. Own Limited Company

Contractors operating outside the cope of IR35 through their own limited company will be outside the scope of AWR.


3. Swedish Derogation Model

For large referrers we are able to adopt this model which puts the responsibilities solely in our hands as the contractor becomes our employee. Their is a potential cost in paying between assignments with various funding solutions to this.


If you require more information or would like one of members of staff to present the solutions in more detail then please contact us PayMatters on 0800 121 6513.