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Mis Sold Packaged Bank Accounts

Millions of Britons have mis-sold package bank accounts without even realising

If you have ever had a bank account with some questionable charges attached to it, but didn’t gain any discernible benefit from it, then there’s a good chance that you’ve been mis-sold a packaged bank account (PBA). And we can help you reclaim some of the money from it.

Statistics from the Financial Ombudsman show a 278 per cent increase in complaints against banks, which have often mis-led people into taking out these accounts.

With an estimated 11 million PBA's issued in the UK, there’s a good chance you could be one of them.

PBA's are current accounts that come with a 'package' of features like insurance policies that come with a monthly fee.

But if these features weren’t suitable for you, if you were pushed into taking them or you didn’t fully understand them then you could be entitled to make a claim.

PBA's are often disguised as 'premium' or 'gold' accounts and sold as a privilege. This, however, is often a long way from reality. And if you have one, you could be entitled to claim hundreds of pounds of compensation.

All we need from you is the name of your bank and some signed documents to get started. And we have a strict no-win-no-fee policy, so there’s nothing to lose.

Contact us to get started today. Call 01625 546 610 or 0800 121 6513 or request a call back below.  Don’t miss out on your chance to claim.

Millions of people just like you could have been mis-sold a PBA without realising.

PBA’s could have been mis-sold:

  • If you were told that a PBA would improve your credit rating
  • If you tried to cancel the PBA but were forced into keeping it
  • If you had to get a PBA in order to access an overdraft

If any of these conditions are true of your situation then there is a good chance you could have a successful claim.

You shouldn’t pay for insurance and other ‘rewards’ that you don’t need and can get cheaper elsewhere. Let us help you claim back these fees and any interest that has accrued over the lifetime of your bank account.

Start your no-win-no-fee claim today with a five minute phone conversation. Contact us on 01625 546 610 or 0800 121 6513 or request a call back below.

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Other Banks

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BARCLAYS BANK:- including Barclaycard, Compu Credit, Commercial Mortgage, First Plus, Goldfish card, London and Edinburgh Mortgage, Masterloan, Monument, Morgan Stanley, Sky card, Thomas Cook, Woolwich
LLOYDS BANK:- including TSB
HALIFAX BANK:- including: Bank Of Scotland
SANTANDER BANK:- including: Abbey National, Arcadia, Asda, BHS, Burtons, Cahoot, Comet, Debenhams, DFS, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, GE Capital, Halfords, House of Fraser, Mothercare, Paypal, River Island, Wallis
MBNA BANK:- including, Virgin Money, Bank of America
RBS BANK:- including Mint Card
HBOS BANK:- including Birmingham Midshires, Capital Bank, Intelligent Finance
HSBC BANK:- including Midland Bank
HFC BANK:- including Beneficial Finance, Hamilton Insurance Company, GM Card, Household Bank
NATIONWIDE BANK:- including Dunfermline Building Society, Portman Building Society, Staffordshire Buildling Society, The Mortgage Works, Portman Building Society