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Internal Promotions as Umbrella Accountants continues to expand
Editor | 3 July 2015
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Umbrella Accountants are delighted to report that having hit some pretty tight objectives and demonstrated the relevant abilities and attitude to their work we have promoted a number of staff members in the last week.

As a result of these promotions we are looking to bring in two Assistant Accountants. If you know someone who has just completed an accounting degree or are currently studying their AAT then put them in touch with Neil Armitage the Operations Director for a chance to work somewhere where hard work and the right attitude pays off.

Umbrella now offer a choice of Xero or FreeAgent

Umbrella Accountants are one of the few cloud accounting companies that offer a choice of accounting software having added Xero to join FreeAgent in our recommended software options.

Xero and FreeAgent are both Cloud Based Accountancy Packages.

What does this mean?

Cloud Based accounting means that you have no software or hardware requirements you simply access your accounting via the internet. Everything is hosted elsewhere. staff compete in the Wilmslow Triathlon and raise £400 for East Cheshire Hospice

Nick Holmes, CEO, commented “I would like to say a big thank you to all our staff for supporting our chosen charity,  East Cheshire Hospice, with various fun (and sometimes gruelling) initiatives.”

Umbrella Accountants becomes a FreeAgent Premium Partner

Umbrella Accountants are pleased to announce they have now achieved the status of FreeAgent Premium Partner.

Having moved over from their existing software supplier in mid-2014 Umbrella Accountants have migrated over 1,000 clients onto the system and have a training program in place that means 100% of their accountancy staff are FreeAgent accredited.

Operations Director Neil Armitage said “I have passed the accreditation myself as FreeAgent is now at the core of our clients’ experience so we need to reflect that across the board. Using FreeAgent has meant that we can concentrate on providing first class accounting advice and tax planning while the clients have up to date information wherever they are. By signing up with FreeAgent we have 70 plus experts working on the accountancy software for our clients and updating constantly”

Kilian Fitzsimmons-Wilson from FreeAgent added “We’re delighted to welcome Umbrella Accountants as Premium Partners. Since they joined we have seen the numbers and usage rise considerably as the company grows and it’s pleasing to know FreeAgent has been a big part of that growth.”

National Recognition for Umbrella Accountants

We are pleased to report that Micaela Blackshaw, Team Leader at Umbrella Accountants has made the national shortlist for Trainee of the Year at the Practice Excellence Awards.

Award for Best Umbrella Company Logo Cake!

The lastest entry into the 'Great Umbrella Bake Off' is this fabulous Umbrella logo cake from Ricky Patidar in Accountancy Services. Surely this could win Best Umbrella Company Logo Cake?

Neil Armitage, Operations Director, commented, “Raising money for a worthy cause is always something we’ve done at but when the opportunity came up to run through a massive bubble wall with my 9 year old daughter I jumped at the chance! Myself, Sarah Kinder and Louisa Lockton all took members of our family and had a brilliant time running through the bubbles and my daughter has already asked if we can do it again next year.

I almost feel guilty for having so much fun as I thought you were supposed to carry out some form of endurance event to raise money for charity but this was a day that everyone enjoyed thoroughly and pushed us towards almost a £1,000 total for our chosen charity”

Are Umbrella Company workers entitled to Adoption Pay?

As an employee of an umbrella company, YES, you can be entitled to Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP) and Statutory Adoption Leave (SAL). 

The Great Bake Off - Frozen Cake
Editor | 27 April 2015
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The Great Bake Off! A different staff member has volunteered to bake every week for the next few months. Here's this week’s Frozen masterpiece made by Helen Johnson