Agency Fantasy Football League Update Agency Fantasy Football League Update

22 August 2017

Little Pea’s, Rooney Rampage & Pogba Points making the difference this week. The ongoing Mystery as to why Harry Kane never scores in August continues. Do you drop him or leave him in???!  Complete change in top 3 from last week with some big names taking big hits as mid table teams climb up. Its early days but I’ve heard some rumours of teams already considering their wildcards is this for real or are the mind games beginning?

  1. Big shifts at the top of the league Christopher Tin’s “Show Me the Mane” tearing things up with a solid 72 points. He had the Pog, Roondog, Lukaku and the little Pea putting in a strong performance for him. Hegazi is also turning out to be stroke of genius.
  2. Matt Roberts “Chobbo’s Sexys FC” shooting up in to rankings, had a lot of strong performers in his team including top goal keeper Butland. Shame for him (and Arsenal) that Lacazettes goal didn’t stand otherwise he may well have been top of the league.
  3.’s own hero Steve Nihill rising up to the dizzying heights of the league. Erikson luckily pulling in a few points, such a shame he didn’t captain Pogba. Decent week non the less!

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