New Umbrella Rewards perks up benefits for contractors

15 September 2015
Contractors can save an average of £1,000 per year on their shopping bills and benefit from hundreds of pounds worth of other rewards as part of the new Umbrella Max and Accounts Max schemes, provided by Wilmslow-based contractor financial services specialist
In addition, Umbrella Max contractors benefit from faster weekly payments, as well as unlimited telephone and email support from dedicated account managers. As with other services, the package is geared towards increasing take-home pay, while providing a fully compliant PAYE scheme. 
Umbrella Rewards is part of the Max packages and offers cash back discounts of up to 10% at thousands of UK retailers, including Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, M&S, Debenhams, Boots and B&Q.   
Jonathon Biddle, Chief Operating Officer at, said: "As well as enjoying all the freedom and support that comes with working for a trusted umbrella company, contractors can now benefit from generous employee perks that have traditionally only been available to staff at large companies.”
He continued: "The new rewards package will also deliver extra value for agencies, which will benefit from a happier, more productive workforce. Such employment perks are proven to increase employee loyalty, engagement and morale, which is useful in attracting and retaining the best contractors."