FreeAgent Accountant

08/19/2015 - 12:39

As well as offering an Umbrella Company and Payroll Services also offer a Free Agent accounting service through Umbrella Accountants LLP.

The advantage to long term contractors and freelancers of operating through their own limited company are well documented and enable people to maximise their earnings.

At Umbrella we are here to help you set-up your company, decide on its best structure and to find the best accounting software for you. We believe that is FreeAgent.

Free Agent Accounting Software was developed for contractors and freelancers and was designed “to demystify accountancy”.

As FreeAgent Accountants our role is to offer support and we can offer as much or as little as you require. We can be contacted by telephone, email, live chat or face to face if preferred.

We have offices in Wilmslow, Cheshire and in the City, London but because our service is cloud based have clients from all areas of the UK.

Whether it’s raising an invoice to your client, auto uploading and posting of bank statements, scanning and recording expense receipts or the more complex issues of payroll, year-end accounts, VAT returns or tax returns we are here to help.

Freeagent ensure your software is up to date and are responsible for safeguarding and automatically backing up your vital data.

The benefits of cloud accounting software like FreeAgent are endless. It is the modern and fresh way of doing your accounts.

With FreeAgent Cloud Accounting Software you can:

  • Access your date anywhere and anytime by wifi or 3G.All you need is a phone, laptop or or your ipad.
  • The benefit of this is you can get things done between jobs or while travelling rather than eating in to your free time.
  • You can raise an invoice while at a client and take payment.
  • See who needs paying, key deadlines and what your cash position is.
  • Know your actual profit figure in real time. This then means you can maximise your drawings.
  • Daily bank transactions automatically downloaded and posted.
  • Scan and discard expenses receipts. No need to keep them in a box for 6 years!
  • An easy to follow dashboard highlighting all your key info.
  • Helps ensure you have enough put aside to meet your tax liabilities and removes the stress of year end returns.

If you are a Contractor or Freelancer and perhaps already working through an Umbrella Company then we would be more than happy to discuss the benefits of Cloud Accounting and hopefully become your FreeAgent Accountant.

Umbrella Accountants employ qualified accountants and are accredited premium status partners of FreeAgent. We currently help in excess of 1,000 owners.

We can also help if you are a small and medium sized business with more than 2 employees.

If you would like further information please call Umbrella Accountants on 0800 121 6513 or email