All umbrella companies are equal

Umbrella Approved Members of All Umbrella Companies are Equal

13 November 2014 are pleased to announce that following a full review of our over-arching contract of employment and umbrella company expenses policies we have gained membership of All Umbrella Companies are Equal (AUCAE). As such we are considered to follow HMRC policies and relevant UK tax law.

As a member of AUCAE we agree to follow the All Umbrella Companies are Equal Charter.

Key points are:

  • All workers will be employed by the Umbrella Company under an over-arching Contract of Employment meaning by working through us you become a permanent employee with a guaranteed minimum number of hours (336 in a 12 month period).
  • As an employee you will then be entitled to all statutory payments i.e. sick pay, maternity pay etc.
  • Travel and subsistence expenses will only be paid where the umbrella company employee intends to take more than one assignment with us and when it is known that no future assignments will be taken then travel and subsistence will be stopped. Similarly if at any point it is known that the time to be spent at one temporary workplace will exceed 2 years expenses again will be stopped.
  • Employers National Insurance, Employees National Insurance and PAYE will be payable to HMRC by the umbrella company on the employee’s salary.
  • The Umbrella Company will compliance check expense claims.
  • Scale rate subsistence claims will only be reimbursed where an expense has been incurred.
  • The Umbrella Company will follow the Agency Workers regulations AWR.
  • Expenses will not be included in the National Minimum Wage Calculation (i.e. not the pay day by pay day tax relief model).

We will also become a “straight talker” which means we will answer any question put to us in full. (which comprises Umbrella-Company  Limited and Umbrella Accountants LLP) are also members of APSCo and Professional Passport and are therefore subject to an annual external compliance audit.

If you work in recruitment and would like to deal with a Compliant Umbrella Company then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email us or call on 0800 121 6513.