The Umbrella Rebrand

03/14/2014 - 13:35

We are proud to announce our official re-brand! After the acquisition of, Paymatters Limited has undergone an evolutionary re-brand to become Umbrella!

Efficiency and variety have always been key terms for the Paymatters business model, and the exciting new re-brand to Umbrella has been enacted with this in mind. Umbrella was specifically chosen to highlight our core service; offering umbrella contractors a consolidated programme through which they can access a number essential service literally under one umbrella.

Paymatters was originally conceptualised to provide an umbrella service to contract/temporary workers throughout the UK. With Paymatters, contract/temporary workers were given the ability to utilise a range of financially orientated business services that saved them time and money. This work will continue and diversify as a result of the re-brand. 

Times are changing and we’re changing with them. The Umbrella re-brand has been carried out with the specific intention of projecting a younger, more vibrant image to contractors who are facing an increasingly digital market place.

As a result, on of the core aims of the re-brand has been  to facilitate a greater degree of understanding of the advantages of holding a powerful presence online, through the wide range of online portals and expense submissions that the company currently cover. In line with this renewed emphasis on digital, Umbrella is planning to roll out the Umbrella App to allow smartphone and tablet access to the unique range of services we provide.

At the company, we’ve always striven to stand out from our competitors as a provider of essential Umbrella services, and the re-brand was designed in part to drop the ‘pay’ from the name. However umbrella will be offering the same high standard of service…

Under One Umbrella: Our Range of Services

  • Umbrella Company: Under the re-brand we will continue to provide the same high standard of compliant and professional umbrella service as we always have.
  • Umbrella Accountants: The standard of care offered through Paymatters Accountancy Services to contractors working through their own limited company was expertly professional and that same level of care will be present under Umbrella.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Insurance is a vital issue for those who work as contractors and under Umbrella we will continue to provide a comprehensive cover for contractors who by the nature of their work require additional cover.
  • Umbrella Savings: This service includes the providing of plans designed to offer cost saving ideas and incentives to contractors.

It’s a great time for us here with the re-brand. We are planning a launch party to introduce our new services and will be rolling out our new website and branding over the next two weeks. We look forward to working with you all under one umbrella.