Looking for the UK's Best Umbrella Company?

14 February 2013

If you are searching for the UK's Best Umbrella Company then hopefully the results of our January leavers customer satisfaction survey may help you choose PayMatters.

I January we received 68 customer satisfaction scores.  Scores are graded:



6 - Outstanding

5 – Very Good

4 – Good

3 – Improvement Needed

2 – Serious Issues to Address

1 – Very Poor


A summary of the results is:



Welcome Pack


Payment Regularity

Payslips/Pay Summaries

Pay v PAYE

Account Manager










Which shows we overall our performance was rated "Very Good".




Since being with PayMatters I can say the experience has been excellent. Services provided have been everything I have expected including the speedy services of invoices and pay.

A special thanks to Emma who has helped me in the past 2 years. A very professional, trustworthy and honest person who I can only recommend in the future.

Good luck to Emma in her career!

Gary C  (January 2013)

A smooth experience , many thanks.

John W  (January 2013)

Outstanding and would definitely use again

Peter H (January 2013)

Your service was excellent and all my enquiries either by phone or email were answered swiftly, I would recommend you to colleagues.

Peter S (January 2013)

Fantastic, attentive, personable and responsive

Howard S (January 2013)

A very efficient and helpful organisation with a personal touch, in my case.

Joseph M  (January 2013)

My experience with Paymatters has been fantastic and I cannot praise your professionalism and that of your colleagues enough.  Thank you for everything and I will not hesitate to refer the services of Paymatters to others at any future point.

John H  (January 2013)

Excellent, I would recommend pay matters to a friend well done.

Waheed K  (January 2013)

Very efficient thank you

William W  (January 2013)

I have been very pleased with the excellent service I have received from Paymatters. You have always been very helpful and efficient .

Steve W (January 2013)

 Zahra & Hannah have both been brilliant. Thank you to both of them.

Mike R  (January 2013)


Mike S  (January 2013)

 So if you are looking for the Best Umbrella Company please feel free to give us a call on 0800 121 6513.