About PayMatters Accountancy Services LLP by Miles Grady

05/11/2011 - 00:00

About PayMatters

PayMatters was founded in 2008 by Miles Grady and Nicholas Holmes. PayMatters Accountancy Services LLP and PayMatters LLP are established providers of pay and taxation solutions to UK contractors. During the past 12 months we have provided services and advice to over 3,000 contractors. We currently have over 1,500 contractors being paid through one of our services.

Our main focus is Customer Service and ensuring people are paid accurately, compliantly and on-time, everytime.

The level of service we provide is evidenced through our inclusion on the preferred supplier list’s of a number of significant recruitment agencies and through the numerous testimonials from contractors and consultants who have used our services. We are able to supply references or copies of testimonials at your request. Some recent testimonials are included on our website page: http://www.paymatters.co.uk/testimonials.html

PayMatters Accountancy Services LLP

PayMatters Accountancy Services are a specialist accountancy firm dealing with accounting and taxation solutions for contractors operating through their own limited companies.

Our senior partner (Miles Grady) is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years post qualification experience. He holds a Practicising Certificate issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and is responsible for ensuring PayMatters give the best advice by following our in-house designed best advice model. All enquiries receive net pay illustrations comparing available solutions as well as key features of the solutions available.

To confirm our listing on the ICAEW website please visit:


Or if you wish to verify our Senior Partners qualifications and experience please call the ICAEW on 0906 614 0906.

The ICAEW is one of the most respected professional organisations in the world and has been established since 1880. By referring to a member of the ICAEW you can be assured they have the necessary experience and qualifications to provide the services offered. The regulations and rules that must be followed by all members are readily available for review on the website: ICAEW.com.

In addition to this PayMatters issue all new clients an engagement letter which clearly states our obligations.

What this means for you

We perform a series of tests to help identify a contractor’s IR35 status. Anyone outside the scope of IR35 operating through their own limited company will also be outside the scope of The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR).


By helping contractors find the most compliant way of maximising their income we can help ensure your pay rates remain competitive at no extra cost. We also offer other tax incentives such as payment through Childcare Vouchers or through joining our Pension Scheme.

By referring to a firm of accountants that offers advice supervised by a Chartered Accountant you have acted professionally and in no way can then be held responsible or liable for the advice we then give.

The ultimate service the contractor opts for is a choice by them from a number of services available. This satisfies the MSC Legislation and added to the fact that you have referred to a professional company removes any transfer of debt possibility.

All payments that you make to contractors working through their own limited companies are made direct into their company’s own bank account. We have no access to these funds meaning there is no 3rd party risk to these funds. We also follow the strict procedures recommend by the ICAEW in respect of client’s monies.

We have never recommended or been involved in any off-shore or other high risk solutions.

Insurances we hold include: Employers Liability £10m, Public Liability £2m and Professional Indemnity Insurance £2m.

We hope this brief summary gives you the comfort that by dealing with PayMatters not only are you safeguarding your business by referring to a reputable company but also that contractors you refer will receive our best service at all times while helping to compliantly maximise their pay. If you have any additional queries please do not hesitate in contacting Miles Grady by email at miles.grady@paymatters.co.uk.