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Payroll Bureau Service

Are you a business looking to outsource your payroll? We offer a complete payroll bureau service tailored to your needs.
Why give yourself unnecessary worry and stress when you can safely offload your payroll, compliance, employment and HMRC obligations to the experts? By outsourcing you can free up your valuable time so you can focus on running your company.
Why Outsource
  • Saves you time and money by letting you concentrate on your core business.
  • Keeps budgeting simple as your costs are set in advance, helping your planning.
  • Takes away the worry of changing payroll legislation and statutory requirements, as we automatically implement them into your system.
  • By leaving your payroll to us, you remove the stress of dealing with HMRC, other government departments and third parties.
  • Takes away the time consuming, stressful and costly tier of payroll administration within your business.
  • Removes the added costs of in house office space, computer equipment, stationary etc.
  • Ensures all salary scales and information are kept totally confidential.
  • All your payroll data is securely backed-up away from your business. We have excellent and constantly updated security, supported by a disaster recovery plan.
  • No worries about recruitment, holiday or sickness cover
  • As a BACS Approved Bureau and can get new clients up and running in less than 24 hours.
  • No need to have any in-house payroll skills.
  • Importantly we ensure all your employees are paid accurately and on time – every time.
  • We work in association with Edenred Childcare Voucher Scheme saving your workers money on childcare costs. 

We work with all clients on a bespoke basis to make paying your workers a breeze. We can tailor our two main solutions: Breeze Employ and Breeze Pay.

Breeze Pay
Is a simple payroll solution ideal for businesses who want their payroll outsourced but retain control of the worker’s employment, HMRC Tax and NI.
Breeze Pay is ideal for businesses and agencies and includes:
  • HMRC Tax & NI calculations
  • All deductions, such as pensions, student loans, CSA payments etc
  • Issuing of payslips & P60’s
  • Experienced and fully qualified Account Manager
  • More cost effective than employing your own payroll team
  • Confidential processing
  • Managing your company’s legislative responsibilities

Breeze Employ

Is ideal for agencies and has all the features and benefits of Breeze Pay, but allows you to hand over control of your worker’s employment. This means that we take full responsibility for all the employer compliance, insurances, HMRC Tax and NI, statutory payments and auto enrolment.
There’s no need to pay for costly software and your own payroll staff. You can trust Breeze to ensure your agency staff and employees get paid accurately and on time every time.
Get peace of mind knowing that all payroll calculations are done compliantly, accurately and that all monies due to HMRC are reported correctly and timely.
  • HMRC Tax & NI calculations and payment
  • Reporting and payment to HMRC
  • All deductions, such as pensions, student loans, CSA payments etc
  • Issuing of payslips & P60’s
  • Pension auto enrolment
  • Insurance package
  • Full employer compliance
  • Experienced and fully qualified Account Manager
  • Confidential processing
  • Managing your company’s legislative responsibilities
  • Fees
Because we tailor the solution to meet your requirements our fee is based on your requirements.
  • First had contact with Richard Perch at my previous agency and have used him since joining Seven Resourcing. Dealing with Richard and his colleague Tom Bescoby is very easy as unlike most umbrella companies they actually give you their direct numbers rather than having to go through an admin email or wait on hold for 10 - 20 minutes! Very kind, funny and approachable, unless contractors refuse to work unless they use their own umbrella I will always refer to They work with us very well as an agency via fast payments even on a Friday and being flexible with their admin fees particularly with fussy contractors or those that earn less per hour. Robert Charlton and Rebecca McCarthy are very efficient when I send referrals over and unless my contractors are hard to reach they usually have them set up within a matter of hours! They also offer a holiday pot and pension scheme so we don't have to offer our PAYE services as much. I look forward to catching up with Richard soon as it's been too long!Alistair Guite July 2021

  • The whole process with Umbrella was straightforward - from registration to payment each week. Everything explained and easy to claim for hours worked - just an email each week. Would recommend.Elaine October 2019

  • I have been with Umbrella for 6 months and only changing due to work circumstances. They have been helpful and responsive. I have found payments to be in time and with no issues. I would definitely use them again-thank you Umbrella.J Cadman October 2019

  • I have been with umbrella for several years, I have found them to be really efficient, they pay quickly and always on time. Any queries I have had have been resolved quickly in a friendly, professional manner. I am very happy with their services, if you thinking of using an umbrella company, give them a try !!S Lingham October 2019

  • Excellent customer service. Loads of information with different options when enrolling. Staff have always been very helpful with enquires. I would recommend Umbrella!J Rose September 2019

  • Excellent service! I would definitely recommend Umbrella to other social workers looking to do contract work. The customer service has been brilliant throughout - especially as I was new to the world of umbrella companies and had lots of questions! Payments were always prompt and the text reminder of payment is a great touch. Thanks to the umbrella team ☺️J Kinoll September 2019

  • Great communication and easy to deal with throughout my time with umbrella. I would definitely recommend them.R Ranjan September 2019

  • Efficient and professional service. No delays in response to any queries, paid promptly and overall process and service was excellent. I would recommend Umberella above others. I have used a different company's in the past and there was no comparison. Staff were professional and courteous and polite on all occasions. Many thanks.M Dooley September 2019