Personal Service Companies

If you are a contractor then running your own Limited Company, also known as a Personal Service Company ("PSC"), can often be the most profitable way to be paid.
If you are a contractor then running your own Limited Company, also known as a Personal Service Company ("PSC"), can often be the most profitable way to be paid.
Often your free time is too valuable to spend it processing your accounts, completing forms or worrying about your tax and deadlines.
This is where Umbrella Accountants LLP can help. As an accountancy firm we can perform various accountancy services for you. 
At all times the limited company ("company") remains your property and under your control. You even choose the name for it which can help you build your own brand.
For a weekly fee we can, at your request, take care of the following for your company:
  • Company Formation and set-up;
  • Act as your Registered Office;
  • Register for VAT, Corporation Tax and PAYE;
  • Advise on your preferred remuneration package;
  • Advise on business expenses;
  • Advise on setting-up a Business Bank account;
  • Process your Payroll and provide returns (i.e. payslips and P11D's);Annual Financial Statements, Quarterly VAT returns and Quarterly/Annual PAYE returns, along with advice on how much to pay;
  • Provide support on Secretarial matters i.e. drafting minutes and annual returns for you to approve and submit; and
  • Through our business partners you can ensure you have adequate insurance cover such as Employer and Public Liability, whilst you can utilise tax efficient savings through a Pension Plan.
We can also provide help in these areas on an ad-hoc basis rather than as a whole.
Areas we cannot help your company are:
  • Acting as a Director or Company Secretary;
  • Managing your bank account;
  • Credit Control – chasing unpaid invoices; or
  • Providing any tax loss insurance or guarantee in the event of an HMRC enquiry.

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  • Over the past 4 years. Umbrella, have acted on my behalf. During these years. I am pleased to report that I never had any issues with the service provided. The staff members are knowledgeable, helpful and polite. If, in the future I required an accountancy service. I would re-engage with Umbrella. D Timperley June 2020

  • recommended. I have been with Umbrella for three years using both their umbrella payroll and their Ltd company accountancy services. I can recommend them to anyone. Excellent, helpful and always friendly. Sean R March 2020

  • Overall experience of dealing with was absolutely fantastic. This was my first time going into contracting and they were there every step of the way. When I had question or queries - they were answered without any delays and someone was always there to assist. The whole online portal they use is very good too. Overall experience was excellent - highly recommended. JS February 2020

  • Efficient, professional and reliable. I have used Umbrella accounting services for over five years both as a PAYE contractor and as a contractor through my limited company. In both instances, I have found Umbrella employees to be helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. They are very reliable especially with payments and paperwork. I totally recommend their services. FC December 2019

  • Very Good level of Service. Always paid on time and any issues/questions were dealt with swiftly.Would recommend C Ison September 2019

  • Great efficiency and great turnaround speed of service in doing my accountancy self assessment tax returns that made it quite stress free. Very happy with Micaela's work I would highly recommend Thanks. Teresa January 2019

  • Great accountants and fantastic team always on the ball Richard P May 2019

  • Great service, the staff are always professional and always willing to help. L Thomas May 2019

  • Very professional and a joy to deal with. Louise D May 2019

  • I have used both as accountants for my limited company and as an umbrella company. Support has been excellent and payments on time. I would say that they are a little more expensive than others for their services, but cannot fault them and their staff's professionalism and courtesy. Nigel June 2019