Testimonials from people using Umbrella Company

Please find below a few of our recent testimonials from people who have joined our Umbrella Company.

We hope that they show that at Umbrella we are focused on providing an excellent service at a very competitive cost.

A key part of the service at Umbrella is you are appointed your own account manager and can ring or email them directly. There is no being passed from pillar to post or having to re-explain your query or circumstances:

To date, you have been patient and helpful, answering all of my questions and allaying all of my concerns regarding the finance and tax side of contracting. The joining process was very easy, and I'm looking forward to receiving the details of the additional services that you can offer, such as the Private Medical and the pension scheme. The fact that I have a single point of contact is very good - hopefully this relationship will build over time so that we are an effective team, which is what I'm looking for.

If everything continues to go so well, then all I need to concentrate on is winning contracts and submitting my timesheets and expenses on time. That will leave me plenty of time to spend quality time with my family.

Nigel H (February 2009)

When I started my first contracting job I was debating whether to setup my own company or join an umbrella company. My agency recommended Umbrella and after using them for four months I would highly recommend them to anybody starting out as a contractor. They offer a fast and reliable service with a dedicated account manager. They responded quickly to email and phone queries and their online timesheet submission system was very efficient and easy to use. For anyone wanting an easy contracting solution without all the hassle of managing your own limited company then Umbrella is a great choice of Umbrella Company. There was no termination fee when I was offered a permanent position at my client company and they handled the migration very quickly.

Daniel P (March 2009)

I have been very happy with the service at Umbrella. Setting up was quick and painless, unlike some other umbrella companies which took months. Plus, the staff at Umbrella have been very helpful. As for yourself, you've always been quick back to me when I've had questions and explained everything to me.

Cara M (March 2009)

I have been using Umbrella for two months and I am very happy with their services. My account manager is very friendly and is ever so helpful. I would happily recommend them to any of my contracting colleagues

Yaqub C (April 2009)

As someone who works offshore my time at home is precious and the last thing I need to worry about is organising tax returns, travel expense claims and dealing with my personal finances. With Umbrella this is all taken care of for me, by my personal account manager whom I am on first name terms with and who is available at any time day or night to answer even the most trivial of enquires. This personal touch is something that is invaluable when dealing with your finances especially in todays economic climate.

The signing up process was simple with no long complicated forms to fill out, it was quick and easy. The payment and invoicing of any money is simple and efficient, with each stage of the process documented by email meaning you are kept up to date at all times.

The Umbrella team are definitely a company who I will be recommending to my fellow offshore workers.

Jamie S (April 2009)

Your Service is more than excellent. Exceptional is the word. I will definitely refer others.

Ejike O (April 2009)

I found Umbrella very organised and so friendly when I phone. I think the information they send out is clear and well thought out. Communication via a website is an excellent idea for timesheets and expenses.

Ruth H (April 2009)

Just a quick note thanking you for all your help and advice, since I have been with Umbrella.

Your expertise and knowledge has made it worth while me joining Umbrella, especially with me being paid, which went very smoothly which was exactly what I needed.

Thank you once again.

Kevin W (April 2009)

Just to say I have been very pleased with the service from yourself and Pay Matters. Communication has been good and most importantly payment has been prompt. I look forward to continuing to use this excellent service for future contracts.

Roger B (May 2009)

I would like to thank you, and your colleagues at Umbrella, for your extremely high level of service. In particular, I would like to thank you for your professionalism, efficiency and willingness to help, you certainly got me "out of a hole" and enabled me to get paid in time to cover my regular out-goings. I would certainly recommend Umbrella to anyone who is thinking of entering the world of contracting, and who needs short term help whilst they are waiting for the incorporation of their own company, or to those who want to work under an umbrella company in the longer term. Thanks again

Dean J (May 2009)

I just wanted to say thanks to you both for sorting my pay out early last week. Managed to get my Mrs a banging present and I'm in the better than good books

Cheers gents

Phil G (May 2009)

And once again I have to say how impressed with the speed and transparency of your service, I know I can only compare it against XX but theirs was very cumbersome and he never got copied in on the invoices.

Sue L (May 2009)

You're amazing! Always prompt with your feedback! I really appreciate that!

Nadia G (May 2009)

I have found the staff at Umbrella to be extremely helpful and professional. From my initial contact to ongoing dealings I am very happy to have chosen such a competent and friendly firm. Thanks to all the team.

Jeffrey A (June 2009)

I am extremely satisfied with the way Umbrella handle my accounts. The service provided is always prompt, friendly and totally reliable. I particular like how every thing is clearly communicated electronically and backed up with regular courtesy calls from my accounts manager. A first class company who I would recommend without hesitation.

Peter M (June 2009)

Umbrella went out of their way to help me and ensure I received my wages in full even if the agency were dragging their feet.

I'd recommend Umbrella to contractor as they are reliable, professional and most importantly, helpful.

PG (June 2009)

Sadly, because it is an employee position rather than a contract, I guess this means that I also have to resign from your company on the same date. I say sadly because the service you have provided has been truly excellent, surpassing my expectations. Should I return to contract work, my first step will be to renew our association.

Charles L (July 2009)

The service that you provided was in 100% satisfactory. I don't have any complaints. All my request always has been replied in professional and nice way. I would recommend you as a professional company to my friends.

Julita L (July 2009)

As my first venture into contracting, Umbrella helped making the whole tax, expenses and payment issues much simpler. Easy to deal with and simple web based process to ensure prompt payment. Great communication on all matters.

George M (July 2009)

My experiences of Pay Matters has been wholly positive. The thing that impressed me most was the willingness to sort any issues out as quickly as possible, and that was done to my benefit, rather than the company's benefit.

I also like the personal business manager – it's great to be able to have a single point of contact who goes out of their way to help.

The one big issue I had during my time with pay matters was when the agency's pay run was experiencing issues. Pay matters responded to my request Not to pay me until the correct dates despite the Agency already having transferred the money to Pay matters. This was probably an inconvenience to Pay Matter but they realised that my request was reasonable and they responded to it with out any problem at all.

It's this sort of thing that will win Pay Matters clients and help keep them!

I'll be back with Pay Matters for my next and subsequent contracts.

Ritchie W (July 2009)

This is my first venture into contracting and the first time I'd heard of the concept of umbrella companies; I researched several alternatives but Umbrella stood out from the crowd. Administration on my part now consists of 5 to 10 minutes a week, completing timesheets and expenses, no concerns over running my own company including all the legal and accountancy aspects that go hand in hand, plus no concerns over invoicing the client, dealing with tax/NI, and perhaps most importantly I am paid on time. I am impressed with how I have been treated from the outset with Umbrella, everyone is helpful and approachable; I know I made the right choice.

Debbie M (July 2009)

Having already been in contact with 1 other, large and established umbrella company, from the minute I first spoke with the Umbrella team, I knew there was only 1 choice. Everyone that I spoke to, from the initial call with customer service, through to my account manager, explained everything clearly and got things in place without any fuss. I had to have a quick turnaround time for setting my account up due to the start date of my contract and I'm happy to say that I wasn't let down, it was all done within 24 hours.

3 months into it and I have only found the service to be excellent, my account manager is very knowledgeable and is always on hand to provide help and advice, and, more importantly, I get paid on time, every month with no mistakes or fuss!

All in all, I would recommend Umbrella to anyone, they are very professional, friendly and good to work with.

Simon G (August 2009)

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank yourself and the team for excellent service. I have had a very stressful day dealing with other two other Umbrella companies (I will not say who) but it has emphasised the high level of service we receive from you guys.

Agency (August 2009)

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the first class service you have provided during my time spent freelancing.

The no hassle service provided by yourself certainly took all the worries out of working freelance. I would definitely recommend you and your company to anyone in the same position as myself.

I would also like to add that the prompt payments made by yourselves into my bank account were always very welcome.

Mike R (August 2009)

May I say how very impressed I was with the quick response in invoicing my agency last week. I don't think you could have had my timesheet for more than 5 minutes!

Howard D (August 2009)

Just wanted to take the time to write up a brief summary of my experience with Umbrella. As an IT contractor I have used quite a few Umbrella Companies over the years (XX, XX, XX to name a few). To be honest they have all had their own problems, but I can honestly say I've had no issues with Paymatter. They have provided me with a prompt and courteous service. My account manager is always contactable. When she's away she always lets me know before hand and provides details of a colleague who can help in her absence. Most importantly for contractors their fees are minimal, the smallest I've ever known, and for same day payment it costs less that a tenner - you can't ask for more than that really! I'm extremely pleased to have found Umbrella and will be recommending them to all my contractor friends.

Thanks for everything.

Benjamin O (September 2009)

I would just like to say how fantastic you and Umbrella have been.

Lee T (September 2009)

Just a quick note to thank you for the service your company provided whilst I was working through an agency.

After completing a full week's work and having to get time-sheets signed it was good to know that I didn't have to do all my accounting as well.

I thought the fee was reasonable and it was nice to know that my salary would be deposited into my account each week, without any further input by myself.

Steve C (September 2009)

I want to thank you for being very helpful and friendly during my contract & hopefully I can secure something very soon.

Hellyn R (October 2009)

I would like to thank all the staff at Umbrella for the excellent service I have received from themselves. I was new to contracting and I have been with them for 9 months now and throughout this time they have helped me with any queries I had regarding the whole contractor side of working. Payment from Umbrella has been excellent and like clockwork with all the payslip details managed and done correctly. In a couple of instances I needed to be paid for the weeks work earlier than usual and (my account manager) went out of his way to ensure the funds were credited to my account on time which I was more than grateful for. There isn't a bad word to say about the service they have given me and I would more than recommend them to any potential customers in the future.

Richard L (October 2009)

I want to say that you have been brilliant, and I will return to you when I get a new contract. Thanks a million - I will be in contact soon.

Richard H (October 2009)

How did I manage before Umbrella came along?!

Barbara P (November 2009)

At the moment getting paid by a different company and not very happy with this. A fellow worker gets paid by you and is very happy. Can you call me to discuss options.

Sharon P (November 2009)

Hi, I have had one to one fast service whenever I have had a question or problem. Streamlined service. Would recommend to anyone.

Eloise N (November 2009)

After my agency announced that I would no longer be paid inclusive of holiday pay, I had the option of a reduced rate or to join an umbrella company, Umbrella. After speaking to an advisor who was very helpful and provided a breakdown of my projected earnings I decided to go with Umbrella. The advisor explained that I could claim back expenses for food and travel, and all I had to do was pay a weekly fee, and it still worked out that I was earning more money with Umbrella. The team have been really helpful, and even sorted out that I got paid on a Saturday. I would definitely recommend Umbrella as the umbrella company to go with.

Sherene T (November 2009)

As you are aware I now have a permanent job with City Council and as such will not require services from pay matters any longer. I would like to say thank you for all your help over the last few weeks. You have been really helpful and when any difficulties have occurred you have resolved these really quickly. You have been really approachable and patient (especially around my inability to use a computer!) and thank you for helping me to manage my timesheets/expenses. I would definitely recommend pay matters to other workers due to my experience.

Caroline G (November 2009)

Just wanted to drop you a quick email and say how helpful and productive one of your team has been. XX has really helped with an issue I had and excelled expectations for customer services.


Basically, I've found the service to be very convenient and friendly to use, felt like I was an individual and valued customer, and am very happy with the service I've received. Many thanks!

James F (December 2009)

Thanks to you swift action yesterday I was able to pay my rent on time and avoid an embarrassing issue with my landlord. I just want to say I used to be with XXXXXXX and they didn't know the meaning of Customer Service. I know I have made the right decision and I will not be moving to another umbrella company. In fact I will be making sure I recommend Umbrella to everyone I know.

Thank you so much for all your help and it is nice to see people like you still believe in old fashioned customer service.

Raj D (January 2010)

Umbrella rocks

EM (January 2010)

I have always found her to be courteous, professional and prompt in replying to my emails and telephone calls. She has assisted me in completing the timesheets for the first time and any other related queries that I may of had. I would recommend using Umbrella to anyone who is faced with a choice and would use them again myself.

Steven P (January 2010)

I hope to secure another contracting role and, if I am allowed a choice of umbrella organisations I will of course want to link up with Umbrella again.

I have been very happy with the service, which has been quick and highly efficient. I have been able to find answers to my queries - either via the comprehensive Q&As on the website or by simply dropping a line to you.

The transactional side has been really the best for me - fast payments with the option of being paid earlier when I have needed it. All in all, extremely pleased and would recommend Umbrella highly.

Carolyn O (January 2010)

So far my experience with yourself and Umbrella has been a good one. Being new to all this yourself and the company have guided me through the whole process.

Mark B (January 2010)

I highly recommend Umbrella. They kept the whole process of using an umbrella company completely painless. All my questions and requests have been dealt with very well and quickly. I also appreciated the element of personal communication that seems to be big plus of Umbrella. Many thanks.

Richard S(January 2010)

I was speaking to my candidate XX yesterday and she was so complimentary about the service you have provided. She said that Umbrella have been great, but that you in particular have been courteous and professional at all times and have made the transition from XXXXXXXXXXXX completely seamless. She is very impressed with your level of professionalism.

Thanks for all your help with my candidates.

Recruitment Agency

I have used Umbrella for just under 3 months now and have been pleased with their service. The on-line pay sheet is very easy to use and the phone service for queries was always extremely fast and efficient.
I would recommend them.

Darrell F (February 2010)

Just to confirm I was impressed with your help at Umbrella during my 4 months of employment especially with your help. You were very calm and friendly and approachable. Very impressed. Thanks you for being so helpful.

Gina H (February 2010)

Also, if I don't get to say... a huge THANK YOU, the service you have provided has been exceptional and I have been extremely happy with your professional undertakings on my behalf. Thank you very much.

Susan H (March 2010)

Can I just say thank you for your pleasant email? Wish I could say the same for XXXXXXXX's customer service skills. It's nice to be nice - much appreciated. Have a good day.

Janelle B (March 2010)

Service at Umbrella has been grand! I had literally days before I went offshore, and the Umbrella team got my account set up in literally a day, without this I wouldn't have got paid. Plus, every time I used the service, there was very few problems, and any issues were resolved quickly and painlessly. Would definately recommend Umbrella to anyone looking for this type of service.

Cara M (March 2010)

I would like to thank those at Umbrella for their prompt attention and accuracy over the past 7 months whilst I have been working on contract. I have always found your team helpful and understanding; and above all, easy to work with. Best of luck in the future.

Craig P (March 2010)

As this is my 1st week of being a permanent member of staff at XX, I thought I would send you an email & say thank you so much for all your help since 1st starting my contract on the 17th August 2009. I'm sure half the time I've be a really big pain lol! Once again thank you so much & have appreciated all your help.

Ann S (March 2010)

Your Service is impressive and it does stand out.

Caroline H (March 2010)

Umbrella have been fantastic. Friendly staff providing an efficient and professional service at all times at a very reasonable price. Payments are speedy as is delivery of payslip confirmations. I would certainly employ their services for any future contract work.

Jane H (March 2010)

If I do ever need to use someone like Umbrella again or anyone I know I will certainly recommend you. I would like to thank you for all your help and support whilst working on this contact.

Anna L (March 2010)

It's a pleasure to recommend Umbrella to candidates. The information you provide is very helpful for the candidates to decide to use an umbrella company, and we have been happy with the service Umbrella have provided for XXs.

NC Recruitment Consultant (March 2010)

A quick e-mail to say how efficient I found yourself and your colleagues at Umbrella to be. I will definitely be using yourselves if I work through ... again.

Joanne B (March 2010)

I would like to thank you L for all you did for me whilst been employed through EB, I am very happy of the service received from Umbrella. I have found you all to be very informative extremely patient and understanding especially of the breakdown of the pay slips. It was a pleasure working with you and the team and I would like to thank you all.

Carol-Ann O (March 2010)

If I could take this opportunity to thank pay matters for their help when required. My first consultant K was very helpful and easy to contact. There was certain aspects of my entitlements which I did not understand, which K explained well. Also my new consultant L was also very helpful and polite and again easy to get hold of, which I found very helpful but most of all useful.

I found pay matters a good limited company, which I would use again in the future or recommend.

Louise A (March 2010)

You are right I do get a top class service and have given 2 new employees your details.

Lesley B (April 2010)

Umbrella were a simple way to get paid and maximise my take home salary. The childcare voucher scheme was a excellent saving and being able to claim expenses just chips away at the taxation burden. further. The staff were excellent at dealing with issues quickly. If in a contract situation again I would not hesitate to use them again.

Claire H (April 2010)

I would just like to add that you have been great I have never had to use an umbrella company before, and did not know what to do. All procedures were explained and understood, pay always prompt, and staff always helpful.

Donna C (May 2010)

Thanks to all at Umbrella for all the hard work you guys have put in with our contractors over the last year or so.

Recruitment Consultant (May 2010)

Umbrella were recommended to me and I would happily recommend them to others. I have always had my queries responded to quickly and efficiently and they have made the whole contracting process very easy for me.

Lucy W (May 2010)

I have been very impressed with the service received from your company not just from yourself but also your call centre customer service agents. Whenever I have made a call or sent an e-mail I have always received a prompt response and obtained the information I require in a timely manner. On this basis alone I will be recommending your company to those I come into contact that require an Umbrella company.

Richard K (May 2010)

Thank you so much. I am happy that I deal with company focused on customer service. I appreciate your help.

Alex K (June 2010)

I just thought I should send you some feedback - I spoke with one of the guys I referred to you yesterday and he has said what a fantastic service you have provided so far. He wishes he hadn't stayed with his previous company so long. He said everyone has been extremely helpful, the process is easy and you have made his expenses/whole process smooth and hassle free - I am sure he will also be recommending your services.

It's nice to have happy contractors.

So, many thanks to you and your team.

Recruitment Consultant (June 2010)

Thanks for everything that everyone at Umbrella has done for me during my time contracting, all your help is greatly appreciated.

Danny P ( June 2010)

Thank you for all your help over the last year and a bit that I have been working with Umbrella. You have reduced the hassle to a minimum with all this form-filling stuff!

Doug D ( July 2010)

Could you please pass on my thanks and compliments to P, Customer Service manager who has been very helpful sorting out some issues between a 3rd party and my personal account.

Customer Service is not just for complaints, if people deserve a pat on the back (we dare not say a bonus in the present climate) then senior mgrs should take on board customer feedback, to ensure they know that good staff are appreciated by your customers.

Thank you

Anon (July 2010)

I have found Umbrella very helpful and useful and would certainly use you again if I take up further employment.

Kim W (July 2010)

Thank you for a great efficient service. I will recommend and come back to you when I have a new contract.

Deborah T (August 2010)

I really wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help of the previous couple of weeks assisting with my mortgage application.

I haven't got your managers details, so could you please forward this email for me, so that I could let them know how impressed I was with the service you offered.

You were polite, helpful and friendly and overall you were extremely efficient!!!

So once again thank you, as the help you gave me was invaluable.

C M (September 2010)

Yes I agree that Umbrella has been brilliant since registering with yourselves. Excellent service and quality assured.

Wessley B (November 2010)

A big thank you from me as well. I am glad I switched to Umbrella when my old umbrella went into administration.

Thomas P (November 2010)

Thanks you for the very good service you provided me.

Sydney L (December 2010)

Fantastic service from start to finish. Easy to use online service with professional people on the phone. Well done!

Claire G (December 2010)

I have found Umbrella an excellent company and will recommend to others and will have no hesitation in using Umbrella for myself in the future.

Ayub P (December 2010)

Your service is all very good to outstanding.

Gary J (December 2010)

Thanks for the kind remarks, we will see now just how much Umbrella have saved me, pity I can’t stay on with you guys :-)

Steve D (January 2011)

Can I also say thank you for all your help and support over the last 10 months and how good and easy it has been using Umbrella. If I ever need this type of support in the future I will use Umbrella and my first port of call, so again thank you for being approachable and so helpful.

Ian G (February 2011)

Thank you for all your help and assistance I would certainly use Umbrella again

Good luck to you in the future

Andrew C (February 2011)

Thanks also to Umbrella for making life straightforward during my time as an agency employee. I felt a bit of trepidation at the beginning, but it all worked well - many thanks

John W (March 2011)

You guys are excellent and much better than any other umbrella company that I have been with. I'm with X at the mo and I don't think they are very good and their portal is very fiddly and hard to use. I do miss the way that Umbrella works, you make it so easy, no hassle.

Kelly W (April 2011)

Finally, just want to say thanks for making my contract life very easy with your ease of use systems. Thankfully, I had no cause to contact you over problems as everything seemed to go through smoothly. Hence me recommending my wife use your services as she embarks on her contract career. Needless to say, the next time I go contracting I will be sure to get back on board with yourselves.

Richard C (May 2011)

I have been delighted with the service provided by Umbrella and would not hesitate to recommend you to friends. I will be in touch if I return to agency work in October.

Ann D (May 2011)

My experience with Umbrella was good, the service was flawless.

Arlene A (May 2011)

Excellent from start to finish, thank you so very much and hope to be with you again soon.

Pauline M (May 2011)

I have been very satisfied with the help & support from Umbrella & will return to you if l can get another contract. Thanks Joanne it's been a pleasure working with you. Hope we will work together in the future.

Phillip P (May 2011)

Excellent experience and would recommend Umbrella to anyone.

Catherine J (May 2011)

Good experience, fast payment and better pay than PAYE. If I go LTD again I will be sure to use you.

Tracey A (May 2011)

Once again, thank you for all your help and support over my time with Umbrella. It really has been a pleasure working with you! I will have no hesitation to returning to Umbrella should I work as a contractor in the future.

Lesley R (June 2011)

Umbrella is simple and everything was explained to me and my account manager was always easy to get hold of and very helpful.

Gemma B (June 2011)

I would like to thank you for your assistance during my earlier contract period, and look forward to using the services of Umbrella in further contracts that I may be offered, and will be recommending your company to fellow colleagues.

Lloyd H (June 2011)

Many thanks for the excellent service from all at Umbrella over the last 7 months.

Adrian V (July 2011)

Your service in all areas has been excellent definitely a 6 across the form I recommend you to anyone thinking about contract work. Special thanks to Rhian for her efficiency and high standard of customer care.

Mary M (July 2011)

This was my first time for using an umbrella company. Umbrella made this stress free and my account manager has been great throughout the whole time with Umbrella. I would recommend the use of your company to any on. Thanks for all you help it's been a pleasure.

Steve V (August 2011)

So far no complaints, you’re streets ahead of a certain LARGE Umbrella company, I never received a straight, understandable or satisfactory reply from them, ever!

Sharon L (August 2011)


Having used Umbrella on a previous contract, I was extremely pleased to have been advised by my Agency that Umbrella will be overseeing my Colchester account. My thanks and appreciation go out to Emma for her excellent administration of my account.

I would strongly recommend Umbrella services to friends who are temping and given the opportunity will certainly return to the services of Umbrella.

Sebastian G (September 2011)

I would recommend any new contractor (to) use Umbrella - They really do make it easy to get up and running with your new contract. I found them helpful, informative and friendly - everything you need when embarking on a new journey like contracting. They also strived to make sure I stayed on the right side of HMRC, with regular reminders and updates. I thoroughly recommend their services.

Ritchie W (September 2011)

.... would like to say now, thank you for all your help and the team at Umbrella the 18 months I have been with you. It has been a pleasure and you have always been very helpful in any matters regarding payments etc and especially in getting my mortgage. Really appreciated and look forward to maybe working through you guys again some time.

Dr T N W (September 2011)

Nothing was ever too much trouble when I called for help or advice.

Andrew BF (September 2011)

I'd like to say a big thank to you for looking after my interests these past few weeks - it's been very reassuring to have you explain procedures that were new to me and has been much appreciated.

Jim C (September 2011)

As a 'first time' contractor the service and guidance i received from Paymatters made working without permanent employment easy. I would use and recommend Umbrella in the future.

Gary C (October 2011)

My consultant was excellent went well over and above initially to make sure that I was paid on time, is always available to me could not have asked for better.

Julie Y (October 2011)

I thought the services provided were second to none, very helpful and efficient service.

Paul E (November 2011)

Brilliant, efficient and very helpful.

Amanda E (November 2011)

I have no complaints at all. Excellent which is why i am setting up my ltd company with you. Thank you for all your assistance.

Carolyn M (November 2011)

Very good and easy to contact. All payments correct and on time. Thank you very much. A very professional company.

Mark F (November 2011)

Good service, hope to continue with Umbrella if another temp role arises.

Rakesh l (November 2011)

I was very pleased with the way staff treated me whenever I telephoned them, they were always patient with me and always very helpful.

Maxine B (November 2011)

Excellent, will and have referred to friends

Amanda B (November 2011)

Excellent service I would recommend this company to friends & colleagues who are contracting.

John C (November 2011)

I would recommend Umbrella to anyone who needs the services of an Umbrella Company & Limited Company services.

Mike M (December 2011)

Very good: I would recommend you to anyone I knew who had a need for this service.

Dan W (December 2011)

Excellent service - will use again

Robin P (December 2011)

Very good and would recommend to other people

Andrew K (December 2011)

An excellent, supportive and informative service, with polite, direct and helpful staff. In particular most suitable for experienced public servants who need advice about the most effective way to have tax expressed because of our lesser experience in commercial matters. I would not hesitate to again recommend Umbrella to any colleague proposing contracting, unlike so many employment-related agencies who exact much greater cost for much less benefit.

Alex R (December 2011)

Umbrella is a serious and good Umbrella Company.

David B (December 2011)

Communication was prompt, friendly and helpful. Payments were always received on time and in full.

Leo CC (December 2011)

I'll be staying with Umbrella for as long as I can, as this has been the most easygoing umbrella company I've used to date.

Mark R (December 2011)

I was, and remain impressed enough to either return to or refer any one else to your company. Generally your responses have always been quick and efficient, for which I thank you, it makes a real difference.

Paul J (December 2011)

Very good, I hope to be back soon.

Anthony B (December 2011)

In the time I have been with Umbrella, I don't remember there being any problems at all, which is fantastic after previous experiences with another Umbrella service. The Pay matters team have always appeared helpful, friendly, prompt & knowledgable. Should I return to a full time contract I will definitely consider returning to Umbrella.

Carol R (December 2011)

The services were excellent and I am very satisfied.

Alison B (December 2011)

R is a credit to your company. I have found her to be friendly, while remaining professional, prompt when getting back to me on any queries I have had very, very efficient. I want to say a big thank you to her for a great service.

Indhu V (January 2012)

Very good payments always arrived and email kept trace of what was being paid. Prompt replies to all emails. Thank you for all your help.

Mandy H (January 2012)

I was kept informed and the service was very good and informative, and provided a fast efficient service.

Lindsay Y (January 2012)

I was dubious/nervous about contracting having always worked as a permanent , direct, PAYE employee. However Umbrella made the whole experience very easy. The advice given and whole process has been excellent from the first contact until the help in arranging the end of the agreement. I won't hesitate to use them again if I find myself back in a contracting position.

Diane M (February 2012)

Extremely professional service.

Cynthia W (February 2012)

Very good, will definitely use again.

Tony J (February 2012)

I believe the speed in which my umbrella was set up with you, in comparison with my new agency, was far superior. Initial contact by telephone and speedy communication between yourselves and the agency was first class. Many thanks and i look forward to using your umbrella services again.

Katy W (February 2012)

Excellent service will use again if required in future.

Antoni D (February 2012)

Overall it was an outstanding experience and J my Account Manager was very helpful and very good. Keep up the good work.

Daniel S (February 2012)

Very Professional, responses to queries are super fast and my account manager has been very friendly and helpful.

Zorodzai M (February 2012)

It's been a pleasure to be with Umbrella. If I decide to go Limited again I will definitely use Umbrella.

Kevin K (February 2012)

I am very impressed with the service Umbrella give and especially E, who was my account manager. E acted highly professional and assisted me in all queries and issues I had. I feel that using Umbrella services is so much easier than other payroll providers - moved to X and came back.

I would highly recommend Umbrella to anyone.

Lucy A (February 2012)

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank and commend the excellent work and service you have provided me so far. I've not been with Umbrella very long but in the few weeks I have, has been a real pleasure. My advisor J has been extremely efficient in processing my timesheets/expenses and providing advice on new processes in a clear, polite and concise manner. Something my previous umbrella were unable to achieve.

I believe good service should be recognised and I hope to continue the excellent quality of service you have provided me so far.

There is no doubt that I will recommend others to your business in future.

Jamie K (March 2012)

The service I have received has been outstanding from the start, with no difficulties worthy of mention.

I would like to express my special thanks for the efforts of my Account Manager, who ensured that my first experience of working through an umbrella company was an entirely straightforward and positive one. I was working away from home for this assignment so I had many complications to deal with before I settled into the role, but she ensured that working for Umbrella was not one of them.

I look forward to a continuing working relationship with Umbrella as the accountants for my limited company. I have already come under pressure from agencies to change to another umbrella company, and I welcome the fact that I cannot now be moved away from Umbrella against my will.

Oliver G (March 2012)

Umbrella staff and service were excellent.

Julian M (April 2012)

The service has been outstanding. I have already recommended you to others.

Caroline P (April 2012)

Very good. Would strongly use in the future should my personal circumstances change. Many thanks.

Linda W (April 2012)

I have taken a permanent position for now. If I do return to contracting, I will choose to work under the 'Umbrella.

Robert K (April 2012)

It should be noted this is my second "stint" with Umbrella; I had a contract were I couldn't use you and had a nightmare experience. I was more than happy to return and have been happy with my treatment on both occasions. I would like to thank E and P for their efforts during my time with you. More to the point I would have no problem recommending your service's to others and, should this not work out, would be more than happy to avail myself of the Company.

Cathy O (April 2012)

P has been fantastic always there if I needed any help or had any questions that needed answering.

John W (April 2012)

Best experience I have had with an umbrella company.

Dean C (April 2012)

Very easy to contact, prompt response and friendly service.

Chris H (April 2012)

Been first rate- i wish i could continue to use the service, I'll use your service again whenever i can in the future.

Elly W (April 2012)

This was my first experience of working through an agency and umbrella company. Considering the complications of it all, Umbrella has made it relatively easy for me, and my account manager J has been excellent. Many thanks.

Alan M (April 2012)

An excellent service! Thanks for making it so easy.

Anna P (May 2012)

I have had a good experience with pay matters and thank you for organising my pay during my time as an agency worker.

Peter W (May 2012)

My overall experience of Umbrella has been a pleasurable one, I have no complaints at all about the competency of their staff and am only leaving because I am being paid direct by a Ltd company. Thank you for all your help.

Colleen A (May 2012)

Very professional and helpful. Payslips and pay always on time without fail.

Lynne P (May 2012)

I would like to thank Rfor my time with Umbrella she has always responded to any queries I have in a professional manor and without any delay. If I found myself having to do agency work again Umbrella would be my preferred choice.

Paul S (May 2012)

Good experience with the process of setting up with Umbrella.... however, did not get to fully appreciate this service due to changes in my employment circumstances. Would definitely favour the service of Umbrella again. Great support staff available to answer any questions. Thank you for every effort you have made when dealing with my wages.

Andy G (May 2012)

Excellent in every way.

Chris M (May 2012)

Overall I had a very positive experience with Umbrella, my only regret is that I did not start using them for the 2 years previous that I had been contracting!

Tim C (May 2012)

Very helpful and superbly efficient.

Ian M (May 2012)

Excellent, it is only because I been offered and accepted a permanent opportunity that I am leaving Umbrella. If in the future I find myself needing you again, I will be straight back in contact. I will also refer you to anyone I know or come across who requires your services. You have been flexible when I have needed it and I very much appreciate that service. Thank you.

Jeff B (May 2012)

Overall a nice easy way to get paid without the hassle. The account manager E was extremely professional, helpful and a real credit to Umbrella. Even though there is no face to face contact, I've found some company pay staff to be less personal than a PC and certainly not as helpful. I would like to say a huge thanks to the Umbrella staff and if I should need your services I will not hesitate to be in contact.

Tracy H (May 2012)

Umbrella were excellent despite several failures by the Agency.

Steve J (June 2012)

Overall a nice easy way to get paid without the hassle. The account manager Emma was extremely professional, helpful and a real credit to Umbrella. Even though there is no face to face contact, I've found some company pay staff to be less personal than a PC and certainly not as helpful. The online portal could do with a few tweaks to make it easier for the newbies, who fill it all out and don't submit (I'm one) but still got paid on time. I would like to say a huge thanks to the Umbrella staff and if I should need your services I will not hesitate to be in contact. 

Rob W (June 2012)

Very good service indeed. Can't fault the service provided especially from my Account Manager Emma. Dealt with all correspondence both quickly and informatively. Cannot praise her enough. Thanks Emma.

Neil Williams (June 2012)

I couldn`t have asked for a better company to have managed my affairs on my behalf I will be recommending yourselves to other ex-members of the forces thank you again for everything.

John W (June 2012)

This was my first experience of contract work and the help and advice provided by staff at Umbrella has been exceptional. It has made the prospect of continuing with contract work much more attractive, giving me confidence that my financial affairs are being taken care of by such a professional company and I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone in the same position. I am very happy that I am staying with Umbrella, even though it is with a different service. Thank you.

Tina D (July 2012)

Excellent support and communicative administration of the highest level. Rhian was my Account Manager and maintained contact through my time with Umbrella, ably supported by Roxy and Peter. I was kept informed of the Nat West Bank crisis and suffered minimal delay due to the fact that Umbrella were ahead of the game with emails and links which made me aware of the progress reference to payments. I would be happy to recommend others to the Umbrella Company you run and look forward to a smooth conclusion to my period of employment with your organization.

Thank you all most sincerely,

Tony D (July 2012)

Very pleased with the service and advice given by Umbrella and would re-use at a later date if I should return to contracting.

Phillip G (July 2012)

I was very impressed by the assistance provided and professionalism executed by the employees I have had dealings with.

Mandi W (July 2012)

I have been very happy with the service provided especially from my accounts manager Emma and Peter who has also been very helpful during the Nat West banking Crisis and this mess with B&C. I can whole heartedly recommend Umbrella to anyone and I am sad to leave.

Maxine B (July 2012)

Peter has been very helpful as this is the first time I have used an Umbrella company.

Neil C (July 2012)

A very good service. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff and a very simple service to use. If ever I require the services of an umbrella company, I will call Umbrella first. Thanks for all your help.

Mark J (July 2012)

Thanks for your assistance - have been happy with Umbrella - and have only moved over to Accountancy Department, due to increased take-home pay. I would/have recommended Umbrella to other contractors.

Laura M (July 2012)

An outstanding service has been given with the staff very polite and accommodating. Thank you to all the team and I look forward to working with you all in the near future.

Leigh S (July 2012)

Very good company, very helpful and clear regarding payments and expenses information. Thank you

Jennifer C (October 2012)


Paul B (October 2012)

Excellent. Would definitely recommend Umbrella. Joanne especially has been brilliant and if in the future I would contract again, I would work with Umbrella and request Joanne to be my Account Manager.

Ravinder S (October 2012)

On a third topic, I can't recall the last time I emailed you.  And that is because you do exactly what is needed, exactly when it is needed.  And everything runs very smoothly.  And I appreciate it: I have plenty to do, and when I'm not doing work, I really like not having to think about time sheets and contracts and deadlines etc.  As you make everything run so well, I don't have to.  Thank you.

Doug D (October 2012)

The service you provided was second to none, and Emma, my account manager was always helpful, friendly and extremely efficient - a total asset to your organisation!

Rick H (October 2012)

I was extremely happy with Umbrella and found the staff very helpful. If in the future I return to contracting, I would definitely consider using Umbrella again.

Chris M (October 2012)

Efficient and friendly

Paul W (October 2012)

Excellent service & support

Phil G (November 2012)

Staff were so helpful, payments always on time. You handled the crisis with the bank system really well and I felt taken care of the whole time. Thank you very much and I would use you again very happily.

Karen R (November 2012)

Very impressed with service provided good feedback via email, polite and professional, any queries dealt with effectively and immediately.

Rob M (November 2012)

Enjoyed working with Umbrella and ALL staff, especially Joanne were most helpful. Even in areas of uncertainty they have always tried to guide me through the processes involved and for that I am most grateful.

John G (November 2012)

Very good. Thanks to all who have looked after me during my 2 years with you.  Sadly I leave you but only as I have now been given a permanent contract.

Julie-Ann P (November 2012)

My overall impression of my Umbrella Experience has been very good. If I had any queries and I called they were answered swiftly. I was kept up to date with everything that I needed to know.

Calvin S (December 2012)

No issues with Umbrella, any queries where replied/resolved quickly.  Online tool easy and convenient to use.  Would use Umbrella again if required.

Lesley M (December 2012)

A very good service and if I ever go contracting in the future would definitely use Umbrella again. I would also recommend to a friend.

Paula H (December 2012)

Excellent a first class service, prompt and courteous staff.  Will use your company in the future if I resume contract work. 

Terry P (December 2012)

Always someone available to sort out any small problem or give me advice.

Jeanette R (December 2012)

Made very easy, very helpful and never any issues.  Made me completely at ease in all my dealings.  My salary was always on time and was always given pay advice well in advance of my salary which was very much appreciated.

John M (December 2012)

Since being with Umbrella I can say the experience has been excellent. Services provided have been everything I have expected including the speedy services of invoices and pay.

A special thanks to Emma who has helped me in the past 2 years. A very professional, trustworthy and honest person who I can only recommend in the future.

Good luck to Emma in her career!

Gary C (January 2013)

A smooth experience, many thanks.

John W (January 2013)

Outstanding and would definitely use again

Peter H (January 2013)

Your service was excellent and all my enquiries either by phone or email were answered swiftly, I would recommend you to colleagues.

Peter S (January 2013)

Fantastic, attentive, personable and responsive

Howard S (January 2013)

A very efficient and helpful organisation with a personal touch, in my case.

Joseph M (January 2013)

My experience with Umbrella has been fantastic and I cannot praise your professionalism and that of your colleagues enough. Thank you for everything and I will not hesitate to refer the services of Umbrella to others at any future point.

John H (January 2013)

Excellent, I would recommend pay matters to a friend well done.

Waheed K (January 2013)

Very efficient thank you

William W (January 2013)

I have been very pleased with the excellent service I have received from Umbrella. You have always been very helpful and efficient.

Steve W (January 2013)

Zahra & Hannah have both been brilliant. Thank you to both of them.

Mike R (January 2013)


Mike S (January 2013)

Very good, I had never considered contracting until I was forced into the situation but Umbrella were very helpful in explaining the process and how it was managed and you never missed a payday which is probably the most important thing.

Damian H (February 2013)

Excellent service would recommend again

Craig B (February 2013)

I will recommend your services to other contractors and will return if my Permanent position doesn't work out! Many thanks.

Steve H (February 2013)

Excellent service good account management, only came to Umbrella for Limited Company solution due to the excellent service I received when using the Umbrella solution, many thanks to Zahra who has done a first class job.

Steve G (February 2013)

Great! Staying with you just through my own Ltd company!

Chris G (February 2013)

Very good service.  Never really got round to using the portal.  I found emailing my advisor with my expenses much easier and there appeared to be no problem with this.  Payments always on time.

Lauren T (February 2013)


Francis B (February 2013)

Very professional and helpful and quick to respond.

Lisa H (February 2013)

Very useful, very good liaison always with Peter Langham. Will be back. No worries.

Saymaab A (February 2013)

I had an excellent experience and the staff were great to deal with. They also were quick to resolve any issues. I would use Umbrella again in the future.

Ben H J (February 2013)

I feel that Umbrella has been a very helpful & would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

Antony C (February 2013)

Very easy, helpful service available whenever needed

Alex B (February 2013)

Thanks for all your help don't think I could do this contracting thing without people like yourself.

Amanda H (February 2013)

This is my first encounter of contracting and therefore my first experience of dealing with an "umbrella" company, so initially I was apprehensive having always been used to receiving a monthly pay cheque. However, my fears were totally unfounded as dealing with the staff at "Umbrella " has been a pleasure, any query is always fully explained, and my account manager Zahra is a credit to the company she represents , always polite, helpful and professional . I have since started my own company which is also managed by "Umbrella Accounts" Lastly I would just thank you for all your assistance and would not hesitate to use your services again or recommend your services to others. Thank you   

Clive S (February 2013)

Great, never realised it would be so straightforward. Thanks

Colin B (March 2013)

Very good. Liam has kept me informed of all important areas and answered questions/assisted me when I have rung or emailed him. Joanna kindly explained what to do now I have finished contracting. I will happily use Umbrella services in the future.

Ian P (March 2013)

As far as Umbrella service ...6 outstanding for everything. If I find myself looking for a payroll company  you will be the first stop . Many thanks for your help and support ,  Zahra  has been exceptional.

Mike S (March 2013)

Many thanks for your prompt and efficient resolution of my queries, issues,  must say I am very impressed by your company, I have had such a hassle with my bank recently that I really do appreciate it when I come across a professional and efficient organisation like yours, it really is a breath of fresh air, thanks.

Arthur G (March 2013)

If I have ever had any issues they have been sorted straight away, very good experience with Umbrella overall

Lisa M (March 2013)

Well run Umbrella Company

Erika H (April 2013)

Umbrella have made the process very easy, my query on the regularity of payments was not their fault but due to the client losing my timesheet.

Thank you for all your assistance I have and will continue to recommend you.

Kirstie J (April 2013)

Dear Peter,

I don't know if you remember, but I believe you were my account manager when I first started working through Umbrella some time ago.  I wanted to pass on my experience of working with Umbrella as I have now secured permanent employment and from the 15th of April and will no longer require your excellent services.

A while after, I assume due to your promotion, you passed me over to Emma whose efficiency, coupled with an open and friendly attitude meant that the service was maintained at the high level it had been at previously with you.  I continued to be paid on time and at the correct rate, with the only issue being me forgetting to attach my timesheet to emails, which was quickly, but gently, pointed out and resolved without issue (Fridays are often a hectic day in my line of work too, and can lead to the odd forgetful moment!).

More recently I changed which agency I was working through from BRC to James Andrews.  Emma was kind enough to introduce me to her colleague who would be handling things for me from that point on, and let me know that the service would be delivered in just the same efficient, friendly and timely way.

Emma was right and Joanna has been an absolute pleasure to work with, answering any queries promptly, always calm and reassuring in her approach, and with the right combination of friendliness with determination and a very strong work ethic.

I honestly don't believe I could have asked for two more excellent account managers to work with, and knowing their workload, and the more difficult clients they must have to work with day to day (not only the agency workers, but the agency reps themselves), their approach to me has always been courteous and kind and I have never had any problem getting paid in full and on time.

I feel sure that your leadership has a part to play in ensuring the service levels remain high, but I also feel certain that in Joanna and Emma, you have two of the best members of staff a manager could be blessed enough to work with.

Thanks again for all your help in the early stages getting used to being paid through an umbrella organisation, and for the smooth transition there has been for me between account managers.

Many thanks,

Howard S (April 2013)

I have a very good impression of Umbrella they are always very helpful

Joyce H (April 2013)

All pay matters staff have been friendly and very efficient they have always been able to converse with James Andrews agency who are also very helpful and friendly. Thank You 

Kathleen B (April 2013)

Very good - thank you for all your help, you were great!

Heather C (April 2013)


Michael C (April 2013)

Been a very professional and efficient service and my account manager Emma has been exceptional in her correspondence and customer service. Huge thanks

Shane R (April 2013)

I have always had a good customer experience since joining Umbrella.  Throughout, any time there has been a change in account manager, the new account manager has been introduced to me, and has matched and improved on my experience with the previous account manager.  Peter, Emma and Joanna have all been a credit to the organisation and have always kept me informed, paid on time, and aware of any changes.  I will be staying in touch with Umbrella and will happily recommend their services to others I know working on contract.

Howard S (April 2013)

As far as umbrella companies go, one of the best.

Gareth G (April 2013)

Excellent and simple service to use - would recommend

Paul H (May 2013)

Overall, it was a good experience and things were explained to me clearly.

Prisca U (May 2013)

Have been very pleased with Umbrella, especially the support of Emma, Account Manager who has always been there and been prompt to address any queries or issues that have arisen.

I will miss Emma who I will demand as my account manager if I need a limited Company umbrella status support in the future.

Will definitely use Umbrella again and will recommend.


Rebecca S (May 2013)

Very helpful, supportive and friendly on all occasions I had to deal with Umbrella both verbally and written word. Thanks for all your help it was very much appreciated and I would recommend Umbrella to anyone.

Liam M (May 2013)

Having used X before and then switching to Umbrella, the difference was staggering, good solid advice, accurate figures to claim, kept me HMRC compliant and kept me informed of payments and any problems. Thanks

Martin G (May 2013)

Very impressed with the way I have been treated and pleased with how much I am in the know about what I am receiving and things going on. Thank you 

Aaron H (May 2013)

A very good company to deal with.

Michael G (May 2013)

I have been with Umbrella on more than one occasion and have had an excellent service. I will continue to use them when at all possible. May I just add a special mention to Joanna, accounts manager, who has been on hand to help with any enquiries I have had and has an excellent telephone manner.

Dominic W (May 2013)

Very impressed. Very good and prompt service. For a first-time user of your service, I found the whole ''Umbrella Experience'' very useful and easy to use. I would definitely come back to your services should you it become necessary.

John B-A (May 2013)

Overall very helpful. Although initially very slow at appointing me an account manager. However, once this issue was addressed my account manager was very helpful throughout my contract and always available whenever I had a query and always responded quickly.

Faye M (June 2013)

Had an issue once and it was brilliantly resolved. Would recommend to colleagues.

Iani I (June 2013)

Very happy with service provided. Had no choice in transferring to other Umbrella company.

Mustak U (June 2013)


Diane W (May 2013)

I have had an excellent service from Umbrella over the last few weeks I have been contracting. I will recommend them to anyone I am in contact with whilst contracting.

Peter L (May 2013)

My overall impression has been very good. This was my first contract and Umbrella has been of great help.

Neil H (June 2013)

Good service. Emma was very good at explaining things, in which gives me more understanding, on my tax and payments. As I never have used umbrella company before.

Thanks Emma.

Alison J (June 2013)

Very good, would be happy to work with Umbrella again.

Lynne W (June 2013)

Umbrella has been very helpful and I would definitely use their services again in the future.

Rizwan H (June 2013)

A very good service which I think more companies should offer to contract or temporary staff so they can maximise their earnings. Staff were always pleasant and helpful.

Alison G (June 2013)

Liam made contracting an enjoyable experience. He's an asset to anyone who isn't PAYE. He's knowledge, flexibility, helpfulness and friendliness is more than 'outstanding'. 

Jane A (June 2013)

Would not hesitate recommending to others & will return once a contract position allows use of Umbrella.

Glyn D (June 2013)

Excellent service and always answered any queries promptly. Would definitely use services again should I be temping with another agency.  Thanks to Joanne for all her help throughout the process.

Carol B (June 2013)

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Jo Jackson, account manager for all her kind help and assistance, furthermore when Jo was not available one of her colleagues was always willing to assist. I would rate the customer interaction as being first class. Overall a good friendly service.

David H (June 2013)

5 +.    This was my first contract work, your information was prompt, clear and helpful. Particular thanks and praise to Peter for his diligent and comprehensive responses to my queries together with constant support.

John Y (June 2013)

Very helpful staff, easy to use online portal, prompt payment.  I would recommend them to others (and have done).

Karen H (June 2013)

My overall experience with Umbrella has been excellent. They have always responded quickly and efficiently and reacted well if I have encountered any problems. I will certainly come back to them should the need arise.

Andy W (June 2013)

Very professional service with on hand help when required.  Helpful staff if any problems encountered.

Paul W (July 2013)

My experience overall was fab, thanks for everything.

Eugene C (July 2013)

Thank you for all your help and assistance, I have and would recommend Umbrella to any agency staff as it has definitely worked well for me.

Carl H (August 2013)

Very encouraging. I will be happy to continue with Umbrella when I have a new job.

Johnson A (August 2013)

I was very impressed with the Umbrella Service offered by Umbrella. The advice and support was second to none; I would particularly like to thank Joanne for all of her help and guidance, especially as I was a first time contractor. I am now a permanent employee but I would not hesitate to recommend Umbrella Services.

Kelly B (August 2013)

Very good

Ian P (August 2013)

Excellent - thank you.

Phil S (August 2013)

Would have no problems recommending to other people

Mike S (August 2013)


Richard H (August 2013)

Thanks I will recommend Umbrella to anyone who needs a company like yours.

Jane R (August 2013)

Easy to use online portal. Confirmation of payment date or time was a nice bonus.

Tommy H (August 2013)

Very helpful, professional and friendly indeed.

Lee T (August 2013)

Great company, will use again once I go back to Agency work.

Cassey S (August 2013)

I'm pleased to report that I received payment for my first weeks hours.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you & your respective teams for ensuring that I experienced a seamless transition from my previous agency & umbrella company.

I'm also very impressed with the timeliness & quality of all the supporting paperwork.

Here's to a long & fruitful relationship.

David B (August 2013)

Excellent communication, service and very supportive. Would like to come back in the future and highly recommended!

Waheed Akram (April 2014)

My experience of using umbrella is very successful and would recommend it to a friend.

Waheed Akram (April 2014)

I had never worked through an agency before and Paymatters made this an easy experience for me. I have never had a problem with my pay.

Thank you all very much for your service, I have got a permanent position for where I have worked for the last year and would recommend Paymatters to anyone who may need this service.

Michelle Levene-Sayer (April 2014)

It was my first time using an umbrella company, I was very impressed. My own account manager, Kelly Sherburn, was very helpful and nothing was too much for her, whenever I rang or Email for her assistance.

I would like to take this opportunity, to say thank you to Kelly Sherburn.

Richard Madge (April 2014)

Excellent. Plenty of information and backup. Staff always very polite, friendly and helpful. It was also useful to have an Account Manager and named contacts so that when we called or e-mailed we could speak to someone who was aware of our account. We would not hesitate to recommend Paymatters.

Philip Searle (April 2014)

I have always found your service fantastic/helpful and understanding.

John Cooper (April 2014)


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