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20 August 2014

As the long nights get a little shorter, the sun isn’t ready to set on the good news for the UK’s contracting community. According to market analysis across the finance, accounting and IT sectors, the second half of 2014 is set-up for a great finish to a positive year.

21 July 2014
London forms a central part of an ambitious growth plan for and are delighted to announce the September opening of new offices, in Aldersgate, London. 
CEO, Stewart Davies, says, “It’s a tremendous and exciting opportunity to strengthen our high level of service to clients in that area and allow us to strategically expand. Now is the right time to open a local office in the city area.”
21 July 2014
The oil and gas industry has not exactly been short of news coverage. With the debate over fracking and shale extraction raging, more wide-ranging news has had to take something of a back seat. However, an annual review by the research and consulting firm Wood Mackenzie has brought some focus back to UK oil and gas, away from shale.
15 July 2014

In terms of modern industry sectors, few have been as male-dominated as the world of information technology. Since becoming a permanent part of the UK’s economic landscape in the 1980s, IT has consistently failed to evolve into a viable career choice for women. Out of the UK’s current IT workforce of around £1.1 million, only 16% are female.

8 July 2014

A recent CBI / PwC survey into the health of the UK’s financial services sector has revealed a mainly positive outlook coming into the 2nd half of 2014. There were over 90 firms interviewed, with a vast majority predicting a steady increase in business volumes, increases in profitability and subsequent rise in new hire opportunities.