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2 April 2014

If you are already on our new updated website then we hope you like our new look.

The rebrand to Umbrella was after we successfully acquired our new domain name. Finding a suitable one word generic domain was a big task given that they are all already registered!

22 March 2014

The budget announced that the National Minimum Wage will increase in October 2014.

Umbrella Company employees are paid at the National Minimum Wage Rate, a reimbursement of allowable expenses and a bonus or commision based on the surplus they generate.

20 March 2014

One to watch from yesterdays budget is the Government's plan to review the tax treatment of travel and subsistence expenses.

2.213: The government also intends to review the rules underlying the tax treatment of travel and subsistence expenses, and will call for evidence on remuneration practices to inform any future reforms. (Future Finance Bill).

19 March 2014 have reviewed the 2014 Budget Statement for any key issues affecting UK contractors.

An initial scan cannot find any relevant proposals regarding IR35 or Umbrella Companies but the below paragraph covered the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS):

17 March 2014

Umbrella-Company Limited (the new name for Paymatters Ltd) are to launch an upgrade of their new site this week.

The initial rebrand will be to incorporate new logo's and company names.

A full website launch is planned in April to reflect a completely new brand feel with modern graphics, clearer and more concise messages and overall a much fresher updated image.

We hope that existing clients, employees and suppliers will enjoy and be part of our new era.

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