Editor | 14 October 2016
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HMRC has narrowly lost a First Tier Tribunal (FTT) case, in which the tax authority tried to make an employee pay outstanding PAYE liability on a bonus paid just before the company went into liquidation. And the case could have important consequences for some owner managers.
Unless it is appealed by HMRC, the tribunal could mean that more small business owner managers that are about to go into liquidation could make payments to themselves without paying all the tax liability to the crown.

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Theresa May had a busy time at the Conservative party conference last week, and hidden among some of the bigger policy announcements relating to Brexit and education reforms was some rare good news for people in ‘non-traditional’ employment.

Editor | 19 September 2016
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A month after HMRC told Deliveroo that is needs to pay its drivers the minimum wage, two more legal cases further highlight the issue of modern day payment practices. 

Latest Audi technology helps contractors stay in touch on the move
Editor | 6 September 2016
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In today’s world of relentless communication and notifications, many people have become inseparably reliant on their mobile phones. This is especially true for businesspeople, particularly contractors, who are in charge of their own businesses and need to remain a phone call away from clients, subcontractors and others.

In-car technology is continuously improving and Audi, whose cars remain ever popular when it comes to business car leasing, has just announced an upgrade to the firm’s Phone Box technology that will make staying in touch even easier for contractors with iPhone 6 and 6s smartphones.

Bad reaction to public sector IR35 proposal
Editor | 22 August 2016
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Industry insiders have responded negatively to a consultation on the government’s latest IR35 proposal.

The proposal would see public sector organisations made responsible for determining the IR35 status of a contractor. Practically, this means that many more Personal Service Company contractors will be caught out by the IR35 legislation.

The contractors would be forced to pay tax as if they were traditional full-time employees, without enjoying any of the same employment rights and benefits.

Many inside and outside the industry see this as unfair. There is also a large amount of concern about some of the proposal’s unintended consequences.

The Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (FCSA) warned against leaving the decision to parties that will struggle to make an accurate IR35 assessment. 

A poll carried out by leading accountancy software provider FreeAgent has found that nearly a third (30 per cent) of self-employed people say they work more than 48 hours per week.

Spiralling UK van traffic revealed
Editor | 7 October 2016
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The presence of vans on our roads reached an all-time peak last year, the DfT’s Road Use Statistics Great Britain 2016 report has identified, the 45 billion miles covered by van drivers in 2015 equating to a 38% rise from 2000 and accounting for 14% of all road use. Van traffic has risen by 12% over the last two years compared to car traffic which has increased by just 4%. Interestingly, HGV traffic has seen the smallest growth at 3%, having consistently reduced since the so-called ‘economic downturn’ several years ago.

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The Office of Tax Simplification has become the latest in a long line of organisations to criticise the government’s new IR35 proposals, which relate to contractors in the public sector.

Deliveroo drivers protest new wages
Editor | 1 September 2016
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The city centre food delivery company Deliveroo has been told by the government that it must pay its workers the minimum wage unless they are ruled as genuinely self-employed by a court or HMRC.
The warning came after Deliveroo....

fleet of small white vans

Organisations have been provided with a stark reminder that they are responsible for not just the health and safety of their own employees whilst driving ‘at work’ but also for any contractors they engage. This comes after Baldwin’s Crane Hire was fined £700,000 under tougher corporate manslaughter laws and ordered to pay £200,000 in legal costs...