Why choose Umbrella Accountants?

Pro-active advice and real people offering unlimited support.

We don’t just prepare your accounts

Here at Umbrella Accountants we understand that the most important thing a contractor needs is the ability to get on with what they do best – completing contracts, winning business and supporting the flexible workforce that is key to the UK’s financial prosperity.

Therefore we have built our service around making sure our clients have all the information they need to run their business without worrying about surprise tax bills or demands from HMRC.

We are constantly reviewing and updating our processes and systems based on legislation updates, client feedback and internal reviews to ensure that we provide a first class service to all of our clients.

We have invested significantly in new technology, staff training and a customer service and accounts team that will take you through the first steps right through to advising on tax efficiencies and company structure.

Umbrella Accountants specialise in providing accountancy services to contractors and freelancers. Senior staff at Umbrella Accounts have over 20 years accountancy experience. All our accountancy services are managed by a qualified Chartered Accountant holding an ICAEW Practising Certificate.
Our Accountancy Services 
For a weekly fee you receive unlimited email or telephone support. There are no hidden charges or costs.
Our senior management team have a track record in delivering bespoke advice to customers based on an individual's personal circumstances. As part of our focus on customer service, you will be appointed your own dedicated Accounts Team.
With up to date accounts we help you ensure you remain in control of your finances. We also help store your financial records for the legal requirements of 6 years.
You don't even need to send us your bank statements. Our relationship with FreeAgent means your bank can be updated on their portal every 24 hours.
Levels of Service
At Umbrella Accountants we offer 3 levels of service which have been designed to allow you to select the support you need to run your business, ranging from us helping you as much as possible through to you performing most of the work with a little support from Umbrella Accounts in preparing your accounts.
We would be delighted to talk you through our service levels and help you to find the right level of support for your business, so if you wish to speak to one of our advisors please call 0800 121 6513 or email team@umbrella.co.uk and we will be in touch.
PSC v Umbrella
Being paid through an umbrella can be great when you first start working as a contractor and allows you to get paid quickly with all your tax taken care of. If however you see yourselves contracting for the foreseeable future it can often be better to trade through your own company.
Other factors that may affect your decision include:
How many clients you expect to have over the next 2 years, your attitude to risk and paperwork, your expected chargeable time each week and the type of service you are looking to provide.
We will review these areas with you and will explain how your answers may affect your decision – our aim is to offer you best advice based on your circumstances.
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Thanks for all of your help during the past year. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.

Bernie O (January 2017)